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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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I've been following a similar path, but I don't attack just castles (ain't nobody got time fo' that). So I end up getting a boatload of Elixir and gold in the morning, as well as throughout the day. Already pretty much done with the upgrades (level 10 for each castle).


I do find it weird that it's more beneficial to attack random people over friends.

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I think the difference there is that, in our circle of friends, we're all avid players. When as if its random, it could be some person who plays in their spare time and doesnt log in once a day. That's just my view.
I did the same thing, and only got about 2000. Most of the castles were 12 to 14 hours wait.


I think you guys are on to something here. In the last 7hrs, I've raked in a little over 1200 gold, just doing what Chris said about one nerd per castle (yes, it does take a bit of time)...


But, before that though, (since about 6am today) I was just going after anything, which paid out 70/25 (I think). During the day (as close to 2 hrs as I could) I'd still get elixir and gold.


I'm thinking that whatever the "conquer" time is, if that elapses you get the full amount. If the victim defends his property, you collect the instant payout as a percentage of the time you were on the attack, the next time you log in. That could account for the varying amounts paid out (and the amount of nerds you have. I'm up to 45)


I haven't found anything like this on the boards anywhere.


Any thoughts?

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I did the one nerd per town last night, mostly houses, and got about 3000 elixir this morning.


My theory is to look for towns with several unfixed buildings, suggesting those players don't log in very often.

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^Along those lines - I like how, when you visit the strangers' towns, the game automatically scrolls from the (first sideshow Bob) castles, to Flanders, to the most expensive houses to the cheapest, in order. So, if you happen on a town where you are left staring at a castle under attack, or in ruins, you'll know that there is nothing left to attack in that town.


The formula that Chris/Dane used has started popping up on the boards as the best way to work thru this update, so thanks to them for sharing.


Also, during the day when I have limited time, I'll just attack whatever pops up, (one nerd at a time) and only castles when I have the time to do it. Makes the update a bit more enjoyable.


Side note - after you unlock the small pieces for recycle castle and boxingham palace - extra walls, towers and gates all cost donuts. So you may have to be creative to finish those castles.

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Ok. I got to the 38,000 gold plateau and have all of the prizes and tasks completed.


So... to help anyone who needs it, I will no longer defend any of my houses that are attacked, so the attacker will get the full amount of gold/elixir. I will only rebuild the destroyed ones. (You know I have a lot of housing farms!).


I will defend my castles, just to get the nerds and give me something to do.


I don't think it should be too hard for people to complete this event before the end on Oct. 7.

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I don't think it should be too hard for people to complete this event before the end on Oct. 7.


Agreed. I hit the magic number this morning, and there is still over a month left to play the game. Ran into a good glitch yesterday. When I logged on, on different devices, I got a new set of rewards for each device. I ended up with three catapults yesterday.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Have we figured out if we should stockpile the elixir in case we can spend it or trade it at the end of the event or should we just spend it now on various items.


Good question. I will see what I can find out on the world wide net thingy.

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I did a bit of looking. Found NOTHING related to the possible benefits of preserving elixir.


That being said, I am saving it just in case. I've maxed out the nerd availability (130) and nerds per castle (30).


The latest talk is how to maximize your gold. People are now reporting on how to get upwards of 30k/day. Though it seems to be of no additional benefit, other than to level up characters (for bragging rights only). I don't know if the system (some have called it a glitch, but it really isn't) works or not. I haven't tried it, though I may, just out of curiosity.


I'm already over 100k in gold and 60k in elixir. The only benefit of spending elixir for me seems to be getting more castle walls, and I have NO desire to expand my castles, and the walls cannot be sold for $$$. So, I'll be saving elixir, and waiting to see what happens.

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