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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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The Christmas update sucked, but there's a new one out yesterday which looks to be about traveling around to different countries. So far this has been at least mildly entertaining. There's an airport now which is a free insta-build. "AmericaTown" is now available for donuts. Cesar and Ugolin from the episode where Bart went to Paris are the top prize in Act 1 of this update.


If anybody still has this app installed, it's worth a look.

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I think the current update is really great this time around. It seems pretty easy to earn all the stuff plus we get to build our own World Showcase. Easily the best update in a long time. Tokyo time now.


And here I thought I was the only one who was doing that. They're even parodying the once-rumored Mt Fuji coaster for Japan.

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Well it's Christmas time in Springfield once again. This year Kang and Kodos are angry about once again failing to take over Earth during Halloween so they're aiming for invasion during other holidays, like Christmas. Santa Kang is kind of hilarious and it's snowy again! This year's update already looks much better than last year's hideous Pagan crap.

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For the 5 of you maybe still playing this game, a new event began today. Krustyland gets nuked but the buildings, rides, and all can now be rebuilt in your Springfield alongside the new Itchy & Scratchy Land that the update centers around. So far it's been pretty fun, but it's yet another 3 act grind fest at its core.

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I have not played this game in a LONG time...but I think I want to go nuke Krustyland... LOL


It was actually quite satisfying!!


In the crafting stages (it’s all about crafting an “Itchy & Scratchy” Land now) you’ll be able to craft a log flume, a rollercoaster, and...


Roller Coaster Weirdos!!!!!!!


Hooray for weirdos!!!

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I don’t know if anyone still plays but... I have found that there are max limits on levels (939), and you can max out on money earned ($4,294.967,295). Still haven’t found out the max donuts. I’m over 32,000.

This is what you do when retired and bored.


The red numbers indicate you’ve maxed out.


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