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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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My tree and firehouse are finished. Still have Springfield heights to finish but not worried about that.


It's nice to have a break from events, but now that it's Tuesday morning it is once again time for three days of grinding out monorail pieces to earn those all important five free donuts.

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It's weird I haven't had anything going on in my town in days! Guess I'm pretty caught up on everything.


Same. I'm still waiting for a real mini game to play. I'm really getting tired of the game, and my town looks like crap because I have too many buildings and not enough time to organize it all.

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Well, I just spent the last hour leveling up to the max level - 939.


I made about 870 donuts along the way! It IS NOT a glitch!!! It does cost about 120mil of cash (I had a little over 150mil), but it can be done. I will explain later. I have to go to work.


Repeating - it is NOT a glitch!!


It is possible!

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Is the game really no longer going to have updates?!?!


No more "level" updates, per sè. If you bought the googleplex, you'll notice that movies can't be watched until you hit these higher "levels". There will still be content and events.


I'm at work, but I'll explain tonight. Btw - level 939 is the highest level, and is the supposed area code for Springfield.

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Alright. Here's my understanding of what's going on now.


If you've noticed over the last couple of days, there have been a couple of updates. Those were just bug fixes, tied into this leveling up I'm talking about. (Some people had a 40,000xp/level. Now it's corrected at 500,000/level.)


As far as the game ending - NO. The first pic below explains why they technically "stopped" at 60. In essence, it's to help new players enjoy all content as it is released.


Now - leveling up will get you quests, dialogue and new content. But, it is expensive in game cash. I spent about 130 million and am now down to 20 million. Before I tell you the fastest way to do it, here's what you get (besides 1 donut for every time you level up. I added 879 donuts by leveling up. After that, you get the standard 1, 2, or 3 donut guessing box.):


LVL 97 Quest for Bart head in the Springfield Mountains. (Think Mt. Rushmore w/ Simpsons)(pic below)


LVL 137 Quest for Lisa head


LVL 200 Some kind of Homer dialogue (possibly for head) may also be connected to LVL 223 and/or 350.


LVL 419 Quest for Marge head


LVL 742 Quest for Maggie head


LVL 939 max


Even if you get to LVL 939 like I have, you still have to complete all quests in order, starting with the Googleplex line. (Which I have not yet completed)


How to level up quickly:


First, you need a lot of in game cash. I'd say 20mil+ minimum, to make it worth your while.


Second, you need the XP Collider (makes ALL the difference)


Third, you need a large set of undeveloped land. The more you have, the less time it will take to do, and time is of the essence while doing this.


Now, spend 5 donuts and activate the XP Collider for 24hrs. Now go to the build menu, find the miscellaneous category, (the lady liberty looking icon) and find the "Rat Trap Truck" ($150,000)


Buy as many as you can and put them on the undeveloped plot of land.The XP starts flying. I'm not sure of the exact specifics, but I think you'll level up 2 times for every 3 trucks purchased (or something like that, I'm not really sure). Leveling up is now set at a CONSTANT 500,000xp. It does not increase anymore.


Now, sell back all the trucks you just purchased. (You get $37,500 for each). You can do it fast by holding your finger on the screen till the blue dot appears, highlight as many of the trucks as you can, then hit the dollar icon to sell them all back at the same time. Once your land is clear, just repeat as much as you feel comfortable. Though I wouldn't dip below 10mil, as we have no idea what's coming in future updates.


Hope that helps everyone. Any questions, just ask and ill find an answer.


[Edit to add] The updates may not have been related to the glitch in leveling up, as someone noticed that the XP is set at 40,000 for levels 61-100,

500,000 for levels 101-939

And 1mill for everything past 939.


The game will go on!!


Mt. Simpsons (aka: The Homerlayas)

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A little more info - once you finish the Googolplex tasks, you're awarded the "Homerlayas" with Homer already carved out (provided you're at level 61).


BTW - There are no quests at the designated levels. You're just awarded the next carving in the "Homerlayas".


Since I finished:


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This is probably the first event that I really don't like, and have NO interest in.


It's too much like the stupid sporting event (baseball/soccer/anything) that I failed to come even close to finishing. So, i'm just collecting $$$ once every other day or so. Interest in this event is absolutely zero.


Then again, I think I'm the only one who loved the "Whacking Day" event. Go figure.

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I agree, the set is pretty cool. I had no trouble getting the first act complete with moderate play, some days only playing once. Act 2 I'm halfway done just a few days in and only 500 trading cards from getting all those type prizes. One thing I don't like is they keep changing the number of fights with your neighbors you have to compete in to get those prizes. It's gone from 75 to 56 and now back up to 66 total fights to get all the prizes with a limit of 3 fights per day. Fights, battles, whatever they're called.

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