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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Finished with three days to go. Checked in about every 4 hours and ended up with a bunch of tokens. Played the slots for what seemed like forever and leveled up quite quickly because of that. I should have Nessie by the end of the day doing the same thing.

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I didn't quite finish Act 1 (spent donuts to finish) because I was out of town. It sounds like if you check in every four hours it's doable. Also note that the amount of chips earned from neighbours is worth the effort.


Here's where you need to be each day. I earned over 9000 on day 1 so does not appear will be an issue.


March 7th - 7,164 (Newark Newark Sign - 6,800)

March 8th - 14,328

March 9th - 21,492 (Lucky Casino - 18,150)

March 10th - 28,656

March 11th - 35,820 (Casino Nessie - 32,950)

March 12th - 42,984

March 13th - 50,148 (Woodstock Casino - 48,850)

March 14th - 57,312

March 15th - 64,476

March 16th - 71,640 (Cregg Demon - 71,640)

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How is everyone doing on the crafting menu? I am having trouble generating enough items to upgrade the crafting menu. I am making just enough to upgrade, but not have enough left to actually purchase anything. Im currently at level 2, with 3 boxes filled.


But, I have 19855 chips as of right now. So, it seems I'm ahead of the calendar, lol.

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I got him with 2 days to spare. Plus two rounds of bonus donuts. So, I average about 8500+ chips a day. But, I am playing like a mad man cause I really like this update.


Same here. I was able to get it with a few days to spare, and I'm not really visiting any neighbors.

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In the beginning, I bought the players card (90 donuts, I think) that gives you double when you visit friends. I got Nessie this morning. I'm at over 32,000 chips right now. I've only been crafting things that give the most Players club points. I only need 265 more points for the Black Diamond Tower. I just save my coins throughout the day, and play moe's slots. Cletus' dice game takes too much time (I'm lazy).


I do like this update though. Still fun to play.

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Damn Jeff, you got too much time on your hands! I'm still buying up trees and lights and stuff and hopefully will finish out my trashy atlantic city boardwalk in a week or two complete with monorail to nowhere stop. No where because I'm still 12 pieces short of a complete loop :/

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Ahh, I was wondering about that but hoping they weren't that evil.


Yeah, I even found some in the middle of my house farms. But, I'm already done with this one, as I have the fire station. Just running through the tasks now.

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