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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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I only tap the rocket for the rocket cash, but so far crashed 3 times and nuclear waste 3 times.


Now for that stupid railyard, it's like it knows I need straight pieces yet I have 30 caitlyn jenner pieces and 25 90 degree pieces. Out of the lat 15 I've gotten 2 straight. AGH!!!!! I'd rather buy the damn things with donuts.

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I like getting the doughnuts, but it is really annoying. Currently, I have 77 curved, 63 S curve, 105 short track, and 132 straight track pieces so I really don't care about anymore track pieces. Eventually, I'll actually put the track together but it takes so much time. I guess I lucked out with getting straight pieces. I do send off the rocket. I have enough cash that it really doesn't matter. I've gotten junk twice, and the Kang/Kodos topiary once. The one "mini-game" I can't stand is the Springfield heights. It takes so incredibly long to complete the Billionaire Haven. I absolutely hate how long it takes to get everything.

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Yeah Heights is a complete time waste, I mean games in general are just that but there is suppose to be a level of fun that comes with it and springfield heights left the fun somewhere in the tunnel.


For my monorail to be complete I estimate I need about 50 straight pieces (long ones of course) and at the rate I am getting them, about 3.5-4 straight pieces per week, I might be lucky to have it done by June.


Since I've only got like 10 million banked, haven't fully upgraded the IRS, finished the money pile (1.75mil away) or bought all the land (about 7 million in land left to buy) I'm still collecting everything it'll give me. Finally up to collecting about 200k a day with jobs and buildings and the mystery box handing out 2% bonus cash items has helped. Of course I started play about a year later than everyone else and for a period of time didn't play with a level of consistency.


I'm a bit shocked we haven't seen a level upgrade in a while, the NARA thing was a let down, thought there was going to be more to it, took all of 3 days to complete and not too much in the way of decorations.


**Edit** If you haven't already, send bart, marge, and lisa on the 6 hour task to 'gather space food' and earn 5 donuts.

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New update and event going on. Looks like our Springfields will have a little Vegas Strip now.


We've also been given an extra strip of land, though it is expensive. (Not an issue as I'm now over 143mil!)


The best thing is now the editing tool!! You can now move or store whole sections of your Springfield. Just hold your finger down to activate, adjust the size you want to move (or store), then move it! This is really cool if you've made an area you really like and feel like you're stuck with where it is. Nice touch.

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