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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Is there a good wiki out there for this event yet?! I am so confused.


I have been looking as well. Do I defend my houses or just let them get destroyed so both sides benefit? Very confusing. I did find out that you can only buy elixir on Wednesdays.

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One new strip of land. Price $200k - $1.5mil.


The board is now coded for 15 new strip of land, so they may be adding more strips more often.


Being a new update, your "confirm donut spend" has been switched to off, so you'll need to go back into settings and fix that.


An icon of Bender (from Futurama) has been added to the files. Supposedly, a tie-in to Season 26.


Your "other" Springfield has been updated to level 40 and has a castle to go after (but it's Krustyland and Squidport have been removed).



Medieval Times (event ends Oct. 7)


Currency is elixir. Prizes earned with gold.


There are 10 prizes to collect.


There are also a "Gang/Mob/Army of Nerds" Assuming this is for Donut Purchase (probably similar to the Goblins at Halloween)


There are "cheaters" as well (jewels in a bag) for donut purchase.


The Barbarian IS a separate character. There is also a barbarian skin for Homer, wizard for Marge, archer for Lisa, and a goblin for Bart.


There is all kinds of new buildings and stuff, incl:


A cardboard castle, tower, and walls

A recycled castle, tower and walls

A real (buildable) castle with tower, walls, etc...


You will be earning skins as you go, (and they are placed in "inventory", though you may not see them. Not sure) but they WILL NOT be available until you've completed quest #9, and are automatically added for the quest you may be trying to complete at the appointed time.


Ok. After the 16hr castle build, you start visiting friends and tapping on sword(?) icons over the houses. That can destroy their house. By repairing your own houses (that others have attacked) you earn elixir and gold. If one of your houses (stores, whatever) has a shield over it, it has been attacked. Tap on the shield to collect elixir (and maybe gold). Kinda like the handshake icon.


You can also send "nerds" to visit neighbors. More nerds, more damage done. The most nerds you can have at one time is 40, so any new nerds you gain will be lost. (Kind of forcing you to visit neighbors)


Elixir may be bought for donuts, but ONLY on Wednesdays. (Go figure)


As far as gameplay goes, here is the best, and most complete info I have found:


Clash of Clones: Guide to Clashing



That's all for now...

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So what's the difference between the shield icon and when a building is totally destroyed? Does it help one friend or the other better to leave it? Have it destroyed?


I am absolutely - NOT SURE!


I loaded the game this morning, and found my castle and 2 destroyed buildings. The game prompted me (via Barbarian) to fix, and get revenge. While doing what the Barbarian asked, the game lagged massively. I was getting a bit pi$$ed off. Once those tasks were completed, game speed returned to normal.


I *think* I've only attacked one friend (don't remember who, sorry) so far. Everyone else has been the random generator by tapping on the home screen. I do like the fact that it doesn't show the name/handle of who you're attacking. I'm still unclear of reaping the benefits from being attacked/attacking actual friends, and whether it's better than the randomness of the games' choice.


That being said, the nerds seem to multiply quite quickly (2hrs, or something like that) so that encourages more gameplay throughout the day. Or, at least having to check your own town for random attacks.


When I can figure out more, I'll post it.

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^Yeah, I don't understand the random invader stuff versus your actual friends? Luckily when I see my friends names pop up I got back to their towns to return the favor, but if I don't know who it is then I feel bad.


I'm beginning to think that the absolute goal is a lot more interaction between players, and that EVERYONE benefits, regardless of friend or random. Although, interaction between friends may be slightly beneficial to both players.


No proof of this (yet), but it is my suspicion.

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I figured out the Cheaters dice thing, I think. I have a task to use a Cheaters dice to attack another town, did that just fine. Another task to use a Cheaters dice to help defend my town against an attack. I think I've done that twice but the task isn't acknowledged or marked completed. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not. :/

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I get the cheaters dice thing for attacking other towns. But I don't get what the point of "defending your town" is supposed to be. It seems beneficial to have others attack your town, (or am I missing something here) so why would I want to prevent that?


You get both elixir and gold for defending. I'm NOT sure which direction yields the most for the player. Still working on that. But, either way, you still get elixir and gold.


BTW - I just got a notification that I should log in for a surprise - 15 donuts for "being among the first to play". Cool.

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This is how the cheaters dice worked for me. For your town it ends up being a time saver. It's also nice just to click it and see if there is any attacks in your town. Every now and then I'll log in, hit the button, and see if there are any buildings under attack. If not, I can get back to whatever I was doing. It will automatically 'click' any shields or destroyed building so you don't have to scroll around looking for them. You just click the top left from your main town screen to use it. For another persons town, it is a way to instantly destroy a building. You just click on the building, then on the dice. However, it requires only 1 dice no matter what the reward is. So, if you are going to use it in another town, find the building with the biggest reward. Doing a spot check, I noticed that some people's towns give up to 140 elixir (for the castle) while some buildings gave only 18 in the whole town (all types of houses). 70 seems to be the most for the houses, and 140 for the castle.


As for the castle levels, each one seems to give a bonus. It's either more nerds produced, or decorations/walls. I'm level 7, so I know have 15 nerds at one time. I also am building the recycler, and boxingham, but have no clue what they do.


One weird thing is Barbarian homer (Homers new outfit). He is at a level 2, but I have no clue what that means or does. I don't know if I missed the dialogue or not, but it's telling me that I can upgrade him with 750 gold, but it doesn't say why. So far he has just had a few tasks and some dialogue.


The revenge button (when you click on your castle) only shows the last person to attack you, so most of the time it just says "An Invader" so I have no clue who it is.


I got Lisa and Bart's new costumes, but I can't use them yet.


My strategy so far is to just upgrade the castle and other buildings so I produce more nerds for more elixir and gold.

Edited by jray21
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One weird thing is Barbarian homer (Homers new outfit). He is at a level 2, but I have no clue what that means or does. I don't know if I missed the dialogue or not, but it's telling me that I can upgrade him with 750 gold, but it doesn't say why. So far he has just had a few tasks and some dialogue.


I just upgraded him to Level 3, no clue what it does or means...

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From what I found, use your dice to destroy a castle in a random Springfield. More gold and elixir than going after a friends Springfield. So I am planning on attacking my friends with the nerds, and random with the dice.

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Why is it that all of these Simpsons updates feel so convoluted and confusing!?!?!

Hearing all of this confusion on here stopped me from starting to play the game again. I might start playing again if there is a Halloween event, but not until then.

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You have to upgrade your castle to unlock the stuff. Once you upgrade enough, it unlocks. I am at level 11, and I think it all unlocks at level 9 or 10.


Also, if anyone else was still a bit confused about the shields, I think I figured them out. They are basically telling you your building was attacked, and if you tap a shield, you get elixir and gold. If you don't tap the shield in time, and the building collapses, you only get half the elixir and gold you would have if you got the shield. I don't know for sure if tapping the shield affects the amount of elixir and gold the attacker was expecting. But I think it does, because I keep getting weird amounts of elixir and gold every time I log into the game, and not the amounts I'm expecting.


So I think if you tap the shield, you get more elixir and gold and the attacker gets less. But if you don't tap it in time, and it collapses, you get less and the attacker gets what they were expecting when they sent the attack. Make sense? LOL


So, its actually beneficial for all of us to never tap the shield, cause then we'd get more elixir and gold from the buildings we attacked...




Or am I waaaaaay off base here?

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