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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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I don't think I'm gonna finish this update. What did I do wrong? Did anyone else actually do any of the coin math? I kinda started monitoring it the last few days and my numbers don't match the total I think I should have. I'm kinda pissed as I don't think I played this update that poorly. I am a long way off from getting the Barbarian Homer statue.

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^It's interesting you had such a hard time with this update because I think for most of us this was one of the easier, shorter timed ones. Most of us were done within the first two weeks. Did you maybe get started a little late? The problem could be that once a lot of people finished they weren't raiding towns as much making it harder for people still playing or starting the update late. That being said, I'll go destroy some stuff in your town right now!

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I finished it within 2 weeks as well. However, it could be harder now because the defend times are so much longer. In the beginning it was only about 8 hours for the castles, but now it's up to almost 24 hours.

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I did sort of slow play this update at the beginning, but not a late start or anything. And not that slow. I had usually been checking in a couple times a day to see who had attacked me and to pillage other towns. I did at first throw as many nerds as I could at one town, but quickly changed my tactic to one town nerd per building and letting them sit. I'm confident I will eeek out the second to last prize today. However the Homer Barbarian trophy is way out of grasp. Again, I was checking my gold math and writing it down as I have been playing the last few days. For instance, this morning when I logged on, I had 29,482 gold pieces. When the game loaded, it told me that I had acquired 634 pieces over night. That should have put me way over my 30,000 gp mark. Yet, as of now I sit at 29,890. And I have had several attacks on my city this morning that I have also collected from. My math and their math is in stark contrast.

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OK! I am right. I was just raiding other towns, and when I came back to my Springfield, it said i had acquired 10gp. Yet my gp total is only 5 higher. I now sit at 29,895. It's as if only half of my gp are going into my account. Fu@k You Simpson's! You money grubbing, premium currency dangling, bad math Mutherfu@kers!


Halloween better be angry anal sex good, or I am out! Fu@K! Fu@ity Fu@k!


Edit! WTF! Are they using new math? When did 29,895 + 28 = 29,908


I am getting raped by this game! I'm legitimately pissed. Has this been going on all along? Has anyone else noticed this? I'm mad! this is bigger than shenanigans! This is highway robbery!

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I went on a spending spree before I updated. I bought a bunch of castle walls and towers in case I want to expand my castle later on.

I was planning on doing the same thing. Then my phone automatically updated the game.


The new build menu will take some time to get used to but I do like how it looks.

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