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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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The bounce house is really annoying me!!!


Another building with something hovering above it. Grrrr!!!!


I can't agree enough. ANNOYING!!


Anyway, I'm less than 1000 ray guns from the helicopter thingy! Then I can send my peeps on their tasks that I've let stack up.


(Like the damn bouncy house!)

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Just found this article...does anyone even have these in their games yet? It doesn't show up in mine, and I don't see an update to download as of right now. And I already have both houses, so I would think I would be able to see them if they're in the game. But at any rate it sounds like this might be challenging unless EA decides to make a last minute change!


EDIT: Spoiler alert! The link shows content that is not yet available in the game as of this writing.



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Does anyone know if we HAVE to craft a pumpkin house if we already have one from last year? My little treat bag icon in the corner always has the exclamation point because I have enough stuff to create one, but I really don't want to and want to save up treats for the next update.

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Yeah, the pumpkin house is a waste, if you already have one. The second one doesn't give out another pumpkin either (24hrs). I don't know if a second spooky house will give another bag (also 24hrs) or if your stuck with it. Like a lot of the crap you get, you cannot sell the damn things.

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So I should be on track to get the last prize this time around, although I'll have to craft the donut machine. Would really like to get alien Burns from the next round but suspect travel plans are going to get in the way. My town will be a good place to dump your gremlins next week...

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I already have the pumpkin house from last year, but should I get the giant pumpkin, or save my loot to try to get the donut machine I missed out on?


They're both animated, and kinda cool. The donut machine also has a 36hr job for Homer.


It's really up to you, and what you'd like to have.

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