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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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What's with the CIA agents snooping around my town? And how do you find out who is sending them?


Wait, what? Did you mix up the Simpsons and Family Guy threads? CIA agents show up in Family Guy (they generate every so often, and tapping them yields coins), but I haven't seen any in Simpsons...but then again, if I can't see them then it must mean that they're doing their jobs right!

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I had some in mine last night. A siren went off and a screen popped up telling me to tap on them to get rid of them.


Same here. Did some research, it mentions something about completing the 9th Christmas story task, then you can start sending them out.

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^Guy, I don't think you're behind. I started right when the update got released, and I am also on Tunnel 7. Unless I somehow was late to download but I'm pretty sure that Tunnel 7 is correct for today.


This is where I am too, which has me puzzled as to how some people are able to use Feds.

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