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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Once you're in Easter mode and visit neighbor towns, here's a few hints:


Do NOT vandalize, you won't collect eggs from doing this


Only tap on buildings showing eggs to collect eggs, tapping on buildings showing only money will give you only money.


If you exchange eggs with a neighbor, you will give 100 eggs of the color they want and you'll receive 50 eggs of the other color in exchange.


Gold eggs can only be found by opening Easter boxes once you've collected 500 eggs of that color.


Make sure you clear your handshakes so others can keep collecting eggs in your town!


Tapping on the bunnies in neighbor towns does nothing.


And you don't need to tap on the eggs before moving on to the next to collect them.

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Ok, wait, now I'm confused. Just got the task to buy an Easter box and place 50 Easter Fences, but where can I buy these things? It doesn't give me a link in the task and if I click on the box it just let's me 'view' the box and possible prizes!??!

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The fences show up in the Easter boxes that you can "buy" for 500 eggs of any one color once you've collected that many eggs from your own town by zapping bunnies or having characters do egg related tasks (once they show up) or by visiting neighbor towns and tapping on buildings with eggs on them.

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I was having problems actually buying the box. Looks like you have to double tap on it to buy it. As I just did and won 100 Gold Eggs.


So is the only way to get Easter fences getting 50 of them from the boxes? Meaning a minimum of 25000 eggs plus more cause you won't get a fence anytime?


Still slightly confused.

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Yes, do NOT buy the Easter baskets using donuts, once they're filled they are done and you won't get them back. You'll earn them for free at random from zapping bunnies. Also don't buy the Frink machine, you'll get one for free later in the quest.

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