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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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I can get the game to load since I just started playing it. I just hope that EA doesn't mess up the game for me (I'm expecting them to).

Anyone can add me (as an option for yourself). My Origin account is SRCam1. Like Bomer, I feel a bit late too, but this time I just got an iPhone.

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WOOHOO! I GOT IT WORKING! Apparently it had something to do with my iCloud trying to back up my old phone (I just got a new iPhone 5 cause my other one broke) and my new phone. And iCloud was trying to download the game from my old phones backup, which no linger existed. So I had to go into ICloud, delete that backup, and switch it to the correct phone, and then it all worked!

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….back to tapping neighbors for those prizes.


Along those lines….


This neighbor tapping for friendship points is a permanent thing. (At least all indications from the various sites have it as that)


Apparently this will be dropped, but will resume, if special seasonal tasks happen along the way. (Whacking day, halloween, Christmas etc…)


To prevent sheer madness (and/or monotony) with the game, I've resorted to only tapping 30 neighbors per day. That equates to 570 FP/day. If you tap more, great - but the FP adds up much slower after that, and adds to the monotony of the game.


Here's the breakdown: (If you have 100 friends, I'm down to about 65)


First 10 friends = 30 actions @ 10 FP each = 300 FP

Next 10 friends = 30 actions @ 5 FP each = 150 FP

Next 10 friends = 30 actions @ 4 FP each = 120 FP

Next 10 friends = 30 actions @ 2 FP each = 60 FP

Next 60 friends = 180 actions @ 1 FP each = 180 FP


So with max friends playing, you're collecting 810 FP per day.


It's surely a time based thing on my part.Tapping 30 friends takes roughly 15 minutes, not a big deal. But not tapping on all friends (some of which haven't played/updated in months! - More cleaning out to still be done.), I'm only missing out on about 100 FP (out of a possible 135 FP, with 65 friends) per day. But, it keeps my sessions shorter and my interest doesn't wane.


I figure that the graffiti-ing of friends isn't that big of a deal. It only adds 4 FP total, every time they visit their town IF, people have tapped those bldgs.


Collecting 570 FP a day is plenty enough for me. I should get Homer's car sometime Sunday night or Monday. Then I'll get Stampy (5000 FP) about 9-10 days after that. And… I don't feel I'll get too burned out in the meantime. Especially since this (appears to be) is a permanent addition to the game.


Food for thought.


Also, is anyone beside me still collecting tickets from KL?? I'm up to about 253,000+ tickets.

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Logged on this morning, and there's some kind of St. Patricks day update, with tasks and everything. First task was send people to the pub. Also tapping the leprechaun 10x.


Didn't seem to d/l anything though. Anyone find anything different?

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