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  1. In certain shots, they provide an unique perspective on the elements of the ride and the 'tiny planet' effect gives it a nice touch. On others, it kinda makes me nauseous from the distortion.
  2. Hello!! Thanks for the constant updates and the free donut hint!!! I am a daily player who needs more friends!! Please add me!!! I am fully leveled up and have throughly loved the Stone Cutter update. BTW, does anyone know where this Secret Order has come from, or what, if anything, EA plans on wrapping that story line?? Screen name: brattius
  3. I like both. On the forum and main page it makes it easier for feedback and discussion. After it has been a while, going back through the park index to see what is there is a better way to research for reference.
  4. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine. Used to be on Pinterest a lot, just haven't done it in a while. Btw, absolutely love the videos you guys keep posting. Thank you!
  5. If you're nice, maybe they'll give you a "Flaming Moe" to go with that "flamingo." Lol!
  6. OH! Just announce Springfield already!! I wanna be able to actually walk into and order a Flamingo Moe!
  7. I too would love to trade eggs and even if you don't need them, send them my way!!! I have added almost everyone on the list (I think) just check your invites to add me!! Same screen name. Thanks!
  8. Midweek would be choice! Especially during the summer, cheaper air fare/hotel rooms, less gp during the day.. hell YES!
  9. Hello Everybody!! I've had the game downloaded for a while now and have just gotten around to playing it. Let's socialize!! My handle is the same as it is here: Brattius@yahoo.com, find me in Origin or on fb and add me! I'm still kinda new at this... Thanks!
  10. Ooh, forgot to add management of the Vekoma line as well. Sorry.
  11. S&S - Now that your company has officially been sold, what changes if any, are we likely to be seeing in the future with regards to your rides, and your company as a whole? (ie. overall safety requirements, branching out in the market, scaling back, wooden, possible future mergers?)
  12. I Followed your trip reports every day, living vicariously through you. I have seen photos and videos on the travel channel but nothing beats what I witnessed over that drop. The height and visual stimulation you must have recieved going down any one of those hills, damn!!! Amazeballs!!
  13. I always knew Orlando was the perfect place for IIAPA. Still, looking at all the videos, photos, posts, I can't help but recall my one visit to the tradeshow floor in 09, vegas, and shed a tear of remembrance and longing. Orlando is so much cooler than the whole west coast hopes to be!
  14. Deja Vu is the best Vekoma I think anyone has had the pleasure of riding on, and I like Vekoma's! When it was announced SFMM was getting La Vibora from SFOT, I was thinking of all the ground SFMM had previously cleared next to Deja Vu originally to make room for Mr. Six Dance coaster and how Tim had talked about 'evening out that back section of the park.' Of course, the now defunct picnic ground next to Bugs Bunny world would be a great spot to put it as well and as popular as it is with families in Texas, would be an excellent spot. I really, really hope they don't remove Deja as it is one of my favorite rides in the park. When I last visited the park on the 8th, the employees and I discussed its possible removal and they were devastated calling the ride their 'baby' also citing the lengthy rehab it had just undergone. I also visit Silverwood up in Idaho frequently where Aftershock, their version, always runs amazingly well. With the exceptions of the problems the one in GA had, I don't see how any park manager could want to part with this ride.
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