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The BEST roller coaster view EVER???

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As far as ones I actually experienced, I would have to say SCBB's Giant Dipper and Hurricane. The sea-side atmosphere is what makes it, especially when Hurricane was there (being dismantled now). Otherwise, I don't think anything can top the views in the original post. It seems like it could be very disorienting and made to feel like it's up higher than it really is...even better than the old High Roller on the Stratosphere tower. Something I would not mind adding to my credit list one of these days.

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Best roller coaster view EVER??? Quite possibly. I'd say there are several rides I've been on that have good views, but Ocean Park's blows them away.


I do wonder what the view would be like from the new coaster at Glenwood Caverns. Having a ride on top of a mountain would probably give some pretty good views, although probably not quite as good as these.

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TPR is really making me regret not going on this trip!! The views are awesome, plus Rob got the best view when he climbed the GCI woodie. The sketchy rides even look awesome... in a I enjoy risking my life, and watching it flash before my eyes kinda way!

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Best views ever? I'm not 100% sure. I'm sure there are other coasters out there with fantastic views. High Roller (even though it's defunct) definitely comes to mind, especially at night seeing the Strip lit up below. My coaster-riding experience is still rather limited though so I've seen some good views, but nothing too fantastic.


I'll say those views are pretty impressive. If they aren't the best views on the planet, they're definitely among the best. Anything overlooking water or looking out toward a city with towering skyscrapers is bound to deliver an impressive view.

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So is it possible to orgasm because of the view AND the coaster at the same time?! If so then I would love to try! Plus I have never one a Bag-O-Crap before!


Would be a nice B-Day present!




Oh and I have been on the forums before but I needed to make a new account since I got rid of that email address so don't let the # of posts fool you! TeeHee!

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