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  1. Well that wouldn't be such a fair comparison. Keep in mind that I haven't had the opportunity to ride El Toro but I seen enough to know that E.T. is an airtime monster... while Outlaw will be a flippin beast! Now if you want to just say overall wooden coaster experience then yea I would agree! Not trying to step on your statement though!
  2. That dude is insane! Maybe he got clipped because that B&M was quiet and he wasn't able to time it out right! #justsayin
  3. What kind of freaky witchcraft stuff are they doing at RMC???!!!! That looks like something that happens to me in NoLimits when I mess up on a turn radius!!!
  4. So is it possible to orgasm because of the view AND the coaster at the same time?! If so then I would love to try! Plus I have never one a Bag-O-Crap before! Would be a nice B-Day present! #imjustsayin Oh and I have been on the forums before but I needed to make a new account since I got rid of that email address so don't let the # of posts fool you! TeeHee!
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