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The BEST roller coaster view EVER???

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As a photographer info on the type of camera used and settings would be helpful, But both are exceptional... i do hope you use a good camera strap and keep a tight reign on the equipment...



Did you actually just post this??? WTF???


EDIT: lol and both Eric and I posting about this incredibly stupid post at the same time!

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OMG how can this even compare to the view of a giant POOP colored lake in Ohio? I mean seriously POOP!!!




But no alas this is absolutely spectacular and I would love to see it some day!


Don't worry. Anyone who thinks a view of Lake Erie beats the view from Hair Raiser has been automatically disqualified from contention.

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I 100% agree that any coaster at Ocean Park has the best view of any park. When I went to Ocean Park earlier this year I absolutely fell in love with the park (both at the top of the mountain and at the base of the mountain) plus the yellow and red color scheme of Hair Raiser against the green mountain and blue ocean background really make for an absolutely beautiful view. Riding this absolutely breath taking B&M and checking out the scenery of the surrounding area is what dreams are made of, no... dare I say this would be my vision of Heaven. Speaking of Hair Raiser I say to anyone who has not had a chance to ride this coaster wait until Robb gets the POV up because this is one of the best B&M coasters that has come from them in a while, it may be short but it packs a mighty punch (Air Time Hill FTW).

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I was awestruck at the view from Hair Raiser's brake run. I would not mind being stuck there for a while. Though since we have not seen two train operation yet in china (cept for mice) it's not likely to ever happen.



Actually, when I went in April they were running 2 trains on Hair Raiser although 1 was running empty (it was on a Saturday and I guess they were expecting a lot of people, they did start loading the second train around 3 PM) and you are correct, sitting on the brake run is really a nice end to this great ride.

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