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The BEST roller coaster view EVER???

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Considering coasters I've actually been on, the view from the Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah gives a really nice view of the Gulf. Although it isn't the prettiest view, I really enjoy how close the ride comes to the the ocean. Still one of my favorite woodies just because of its compactness. The Iron Shark just a short while away has a great view as well. Probably two of the best views of the Gulf of Mexico from a coaster.



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Can I vote for the Wild Mouse at Luna Park in Sydney as being up there too? The views of the bridge, the harbour, the opera house and the skyline are fantastic:



Some more of the context: http://www.nearmap.com/?ll=-33.8547,151.21067&z=15&t=s&nmd=20120426

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Wow! It looks like you're riding Bumblebee from The Transformers. I love POV shots, especially over the edge. Why don't you do a TPR calendar of just over-the-edge shots of the most dramatic or tallest drops? That's something you can put in every bookstore and calendar stand in America. Of course, you'd have to go through all of your camera data cards and hard drives to find all of the shots. OK. Maybe for the 2014 calendar season!

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I love these shots! I especially liked the China photos posted in Hanno's Picture of the Day thread. This is one reason why I enjoy reading TPR- all of you know how to get some amazing photos! It's taught me a few things about how to get great photos as well! So to answer your question, yes, these may very well be the best shots ever!

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