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  1. So what I'm getting here is that Robb is a massively horrible human being for doing what we all do? Jeebus and I thought us fabulous ones had all the flare! Honestly Robb & the whole TPR family have been by far the nicest coolest and funniest fricken people I've met! From the sleep over back at SFMM for the Tatsu opening, to running amok in NYC & Coney Island, they honestly are beyond giving & caring. Sounds to me like that guy is sadly living in a cesspool of drama. #itsLineJumpingLETITGO I mean 5 years of fuming and the sad part he states that he will still see them and start shit... as i was always told, "don't start none, & there won't be none!"
  2. Robb - that depends, is Evita with Elena screeching or her understdy? and ps, check your texts!
  3. "It was like the "B&M Wingrider of Musicals." Impressive to the masses, but little substance for the seasoned rider." -- and I have now officially pissed myself laughing!
  4. http://screamscape.com/html/universal_studios_hollywood.htm#General he has a link to the "author" of the story that caused all of this, as well as a # where you can call and let USH know that they should bring back B&T! if there is ever a time for all the loud potty mouthed friends i have on this site to say something, DO IT!
  5. #truth Thank you for seeing it for what it is... and huffpost "voices"? thats a whole nother bag of stupidity at times..!
  6. Oh sweet mother of pearl where to even begin on this one.... For those of you that know me, I am as gay as death valley is hot. Between my musical theatre badge, my sewing badge and being an athletic supporter (giggle) for many years, you know, i mean lets cut to the chase, if it was possible for me to sh1t glitter while riding a rainbow colored unicorn I WOULD! With that being said.... As a proud gay man who has been through the wringer like we all have, (gay bashed, hospital stay, disowned, etc etc) I honesty feel like people need to ACT UP or SHUT THE F**K UP! Jeebus xmas on a crutch its a fucking theme park show! David, I can never discount another persons events especially when being bashed is one of them.... But all I :read: is victim. I was bashed in a coma and came out of it, and then I MADE A F**KING DIFFERENCE. I learned to accept me, laugh at all the world has to offer and be the change I want to see.... Yes Im "the anti-gay" cause I "bully" my friends, but if the bitch is gonna wear ugly clothes, I'LL TELL YOU & read you like the library of congress while doing so! lol I was fortunate to have seen this years B&T at Hollywood, not only fortunate, but grateful as I took three chapters of brothers from Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity. Yes, THE GAY fraternity. The group of MEN who see this show as what it is, farcical satire (tho horribly written at times and under-choreographed and need WAY more naked men...) As we left and discussed the show, not one of these men ran and cried "homophobia" When told that a few of the uppers that create this show are gay, the first thing we all agreed on "shocker!" lol so what? they recreated a scene from a movie, that happens to have superman getting his ass kicked... BIG F*n deal, its only deal because he's gay and is insinuating that gay bashing is ok? thats like going to wal-mart and seeing those fat white trash bitches in clothes that don't fit and are riding up their ho-ha and me going, "well they are doing it, its compelling me to do that as well." People make decisions good and bad, do I feel that the show was over the top, fuck yes! do i feel certain things could've been handled better, DEF YES, but like in orlando, where the big wigs have a final say and can change shit up to the literal last minute, we all have to take it, process it and deal with it. NOW, I am by no means saying that everyone should go and beat up us gays... But c'mon I grew up with violence all around me, on tv, in my family, in the neighborhood, and you know what I also play GTA, you DEF don't see me beating the fuck outta hookers and people just for the money and the ride?!!?! ugh im so beyond annoyed that our community takes such a disgustingly staunch position on it... Want to make a change, go out, volunteer with gay youth TEACH them their history, so that THEY can help be the change, oh and as the bitchiest queen i know, i just gotta say, grow some balls, have some laughs in life and enjoy it, trust me its WAY too short and valuable to get all up in arms over a gay playing a gay, getting beaten up by a gay (lets be real, we all know those two actors are BFF's in so many ways....) *steps off pedestal and returns to bidding my line for december so i can come visit robb and the family in Orlando*
  7. yeah, I find it eerily creepy that it is that quiet! BUT, I do love that it isn't so freaking loud, and it IS nice to see Australia get another big coaster!
  8. Robb, the "bicycle girl" walker... EPIC! He's a close friend of mine, he was the walker in the wheelchair last year outside of Walking Dead!
  9. OMG Jungle twist! we have that at our 50th state fair here in hawaii... and thats the ONLY coaster we have! we used to have a wildcat but that evidently is long gone...
  10. ok I gotta say the pregnant lady attraction = CREEPY, if anything that completely solidified my gayness lol The Joker looks AMAZING, great paint scheme, themeing and how can you not love it when kidtums was smiling so much! the mexican slc, no words just thoughts of pain and same for the boomerang, granted one of the first inverted coasters i ever rode in my life, that ride still frightens me for some reason....
  11. this park looks friggin amazing and is def worth the effort to fly over to the UAE... now if only i can find a place to stay.....
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