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  1. Knoebels is the best! We were there over the Labor Day weekend. The rides are classic and it has that home-charm feel to it. The food is fantastic. Try and catch the all you can eat fish fry. I want to give props to the campground also. This was the 4th time we've camped there and it is really nice.
  2. I'm starting to think I am in the minority! Knoebels is the best. It is very close to my heart. I've been going there since I was spending most of the day in the kiddie area so my son could ride rides. Now he's in his teens and can't wait to get on Twister. This is a ride I never thought I would see there. Perhaps everyone will flock to this ride and I'll have the Flyers all to myself!
  3. I love Knoebels, but I can't approve of this ride for this park. I love the ride itself, but it doesn't belong at Knoebels. It doesn't fit the theme of the "Old Fashion" park where the rides are classics. I didn't like it when they installed the Stratos Fear tower their either. We'll be at the park this year, and we'll give it a try in 2015. I hope this new coaster doesn't change the park for the worse.
  4. Here we go.... USA Today.COM has an article "How Safe Are Roller Coasters?". I can't see the video at work so if someone can look at it and advise if it's a good or negative article.
  5. Nice trip reports. You made me laugh with the people in the "splash zone". I was at Hershey this past weekend and went into the water park. People in line for the lazy river were running from the people on Roller Soaker. Did they not realize they are in a water park and about to go into a river. Didn't make it to Sky Rush. The line was way too long. Knoebels is our favorite park. The whole place is great and Phoenix is my #1 coaster.
  6. Knoebles is my favorite park and Phoenix is my favorite roller coaster. It's an amazing place and I can't wait to go back. Thanks for the trip report.
  7. Props for Phoenix! After all of these years, it's still in the top 5. We just booked a trip to Knoebels for May. can't wait.
  8. We were planning on going this Saturday. This is very sad. Fortunately they have experience with floods and know how to get things back in order. As far as I know, no one got hurt which is the important thing.
  9. What a great update. Need to get out there some year.
  10. One of the reason I like Knoebels, their food prices. Very reasonable. I understand big parks like this will have high food prices. Just have to deal with it.
  11. I've been a WWE fan since it was WWF. I still remeber when Wrestlemania One happened. I'm a huge Raw fan but I do not watch Samckdown. I read about what happens each week, but I don't watch the show. My favorites would have to be the legends. Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, Paul Orndorff, etc. I do like todays stars. HHH, John Cena, Edge, Randy Orton. Can't stand Daniel Bryan though. I don't like his style. I'm thinking they drop his title to John Morrison soon. I've been to plenty of live shows. My highlight would be Wrestlemania 10 at MSG. I got free tickets and had a blast. It was the first time I saw a title change hands in person. Brett Hart beat Yokozuna for the WWF title. We plan on going to the "Pregame Pandemonium" show in Philly on Super Bowl Sunday at 1PM. It will be a supershow with both Raw and Smackdown being there.
  12. Please...what kind of question is that? Jaws 1 all of the way. "Here's to swimmin with bow-legged women"
  13. A Year Without A Santa Clause. You can't get any better than the heat miser and snow miser.
  14. The Exorcist. The movie still scares me, but I still watch it.
  15. 1. Knoebels 2. Sea World Orland 3. Hersheypark 4. Dorney Park 5. Disney Hollywood Studios
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