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The BEST roller coaster view EVER???

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Some more great views although not quite as good as Hair Raiser


Ravine Flyer: sun setting into the lake from the top of the far turn around. It would have been worth sneaking a camera onto the ride just to take that picture -- but I didn't do that. It's a nice memory.


Millennium Force: another lake view


Griffon: view of James River


Wild Eagle: Smoky Mountains


Silverwood: nice mountains, although no lake or ocean


Tatsu: dry mountains


Flight Deck (CGA): nice mountains, but scummy pond.


I've been to Glenwood Springs but not the amusement park and it was years ago. The Amtrak route through there is amazing. I've also driven (and biked) near there. Cliffhanger looks like it's got the best view of any US coaster.


I've not been to Ghost Town in the Sky but I've been to the Smokies and assume the view from that park is very nice, although their SBNO coaster doesn't look as nice as a floorless B&M overlooking the ocean.

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Ocean Park have really taken advantage of its supreme locale. Look how green and beautiful when it was in the 80's, everything clean and tidy.

The new expansion is a great, glad that they went for B&M for the new major coaster. But the new theme areas are too packed and messy, like the first part of Hair Raiser which goes to the back of house of the Polar Adventure, quite unsightly indeed...

Btw, they are planning for a second expansion at the area further down the mine train (formerly known as Middle Kingdom), including a waterpark consisting of both indoor and outdoor parts, and 2 themed hotels. Looking forward.


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So the pictures you posted are really the best I've seen, but the best I've experienced in person would be on Wildfire looking out at Table Rock Lake. I couldn't find a picture from the top of the lift, but here is a link the view from Wildfire's gift shop/viewing area - http://rcdb.com/720.htm?p=1595, basically at the bottom of the coaster. The view from the top of the lift is amazing. They also have a picture from the top of Powder Keg's lift looking toward Wildfire, but I believe it was taken in winter (the bare trees make it less appealing), and the view is definitely better from Wildfire.

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