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  1. They look more representative of the ride's reach envelope to me. Also, the trains in the station and the single set of air gates for loading completely rule a WIng Coaster out. Good eye on the single loading.
  2. To me these newer blue prints appear to show heartlining as if it were a wing rider. It shows two ride paths (one on each side of the track) and each path has its own heartlining and what not.
  3. Is that even a world record though? I'm guessing its going to be the Longest Inverted Coaster in the world?
  4. I just put 2 and 2 together. Silver and blue are the only colors featured on the announcements. The blue supports are already spotted. The silver comb was a dead giveaway. The ride is going to have the same color scheme as Afterburn.
  5. Still wondering if it will be called Banshee or some kind of sequel to the Bat. I'm excited. A Giga would have been sweet but somewhat impractical if if wasn't Intamin. I am excited. For the first time in 3-4 years I will have a Kings Island season pass. Now that there are 2 great coasters and not just one and half or so.
  6. I don't know why but I'm getting the feeling this will be a heavily themed inverted coaster like Volcano or something. Considering the small land area and the fact that this is making up for Son of Beast it has to be rather large scale in one way or another. Theming is a real possibility considering now hard Kings Island has tried in the past. Whether or not they've succeeded is a different story.
  7. I love how people shit on the Big Dipper when it's literally the best wooden roller coaster I've ever ridden, which granted says more about me not riding enough wooden coasters but out of all the ones I've ridden the only one that compares is Blue Streak. I could care less about rides like The Beast, which is at my home park. Then again it's not like we're losing an El Toro or a Voyage. I would be willing to bet money that Big Dipper was vastly superior to the DBH... It looks even more tame than the Big Dipper. I even enjoyed the Big Dipper 2-3x as much as the Villain which was solid. By vastly superior I mean more fun, more forces, more riders, more successful, a better ride all around. So yeah.
  8. This thread and in particular Robb's attitude is just disappointing as hell. I feel like I'm on Last.fm watching a bunch of music elitists cannibalize each other.
  9. The only views that I think are comparable are perhaps Magnum XL-200 and perhaps Thunder Dolphin.
  10. Some of these omissions are illogical... I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that Intimidator 305 isn't in the top 10... Not only that but what's so good about Nitro, Goliath and Diamondback? If you've ridden one B&M hyper you've ridden them all, I feel like lesser known B&M rides are more deserving, such as Shambhala. I didn't expect my favorites to line up with the Golden Ticket Awards but yikes... Some glaring differences from what I expected.
  11. I only got to go to Cedar Point this year but I am by no means complaining.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys, I was just curious. I am glad to hear that it's not quite as jarring as Maverick. I wasn't sure how big of a factor the restraints would be but apprently they make a rather big difference.
  13. Kings Island is my home park by my God they need some quality rides. They literally need 2-3 coasters more just to get on the map as far as I'm concerned. They need something with smooth inversions maybe a wing rider or B&M invert to replace flight deck. Also I would love to see a Dragster clone if they could afford it. Finally I would invest in either a rocky mountain reimagining of the beast or perhaps a new schools wooden.
  14. I know a lot of you will accuse me of flaming or trying to troll when I say this but after just returning from Cedar Point I can honestly say that Maverick is/was more painful than any roller coaster I've ever ridden (certain seats of Magnum were up there as well)... I got my knees/legs beat up on ol' Son of Beast but those QDCs were some of the most painful transitions I've ever experienced. This immediately got me thinking... how painful is Intimidator 305 or do the slightly different restraints not box your head/jawline/neck as much? I did everything in my power to broaden my shoulders and snake my neck out to avoid contact but the last two Stengel dives were from hell... Forgive me ignorance with this apples to oranges comparison but I am curious as to if they are similar in their abuse.
  15. What a crazy list. It is amazing that two different people who both love coasters in general can have such a wide variety in their favorite rides. I avoided Mantis and Mean Streak like the plague when I was there from horror stories of pain and agony. For example... why rank two rides you've never ridden at the top? Maverick is phenomenal but it's also a bit unpleasant to be honest. I also think that Dragster, despite it's shortness deserves to be higher than Wicked Twister and probably Gemini. Raptor is Avery intense and disorienting if you are not used to it. Magnum is an absolute airtime machine and Millennium Force is a legendary coaster. What is it about Mean Streak that you love so much? Just out of genuine curiosity.
  16. Magnum XL 200 is pretty intense, it's definitely on the fringe.
  17. I think people forget how unusual of a layout The Beast is from time-to-time.
  18. Maverick is unquestionably the roughest ride I've ever ridden. It left my head/neck a lot more sore than Son of Beast beat up my knees/legs. The two Stengel dives are easily the most painful part with the turn after the launch being a close third. Just because it's rough doesn't mean I don't love it because it's in my top 3 as well. It's just extremely intense and forceful and was designed as such.
  19. Here are some of the viral marketing signs hidden throughout the park, apparently it will be officially announced on August 13th, 2012... ...and my personal favorite...
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