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  1. Great work! One remark: "Walrus Splash" is not located at "Ocean Park / Hong Kong" but "Chimelong Ocean Kingdom / Xiangzhou, Zhuhai, China"
  2. Oh boy ... I only was lucky enough to be there (on a weekend during a business trip in 2004) once until today but I really miss this park. And your TPR expresses exactly what I was feeling about it (except the "new" rides opening after 2004 which I could not judge). I am extremely jealous!
  3. Definitely the best view ever ... and the view did not change much since 2004
  4. Yes, I saw that this is what Google Translate says but it is still grammatically incorrect german ... The other way round (from English to German) Google Translate works fine: "You can leave your luggage with us." = "Sie können Ihr Gepäck bei uns lassen." Never mind: just wanted to share that the pictured sentence "Sie können Ihr Gepäck mit uns zu verlassen" means nothing to a german native speaker.
  5. Maybe I missed a reply to the german sentence "Sie können Ihr Gepäck mit uns zu verlassen" but these are only correct german individual words but in wrong context, so this sentence means nothing. Maybe they wanted to say "Sie können Ihr Gepäck bei uns lassen" which would mean "You could leave your luggage with us".
  6. Great report .... looking forward to explore the hidden things in about 3 weeks ... Now in german: Hallo Leute, bin ich froh, daß ich in 3 Wochen diese Geheimnisse entdecken darf... Danke
  7. Could not describe how jealous I am ... can´t wait for part 4 of the report.
  8. Robb, your Gene Simmons impersonator approach is hilarious! Great 2nd update!
  9. WOW, a lot of things have changed since my visit in 2004. Thanks to your review I can´t wait to go again!
  10. Hi there. I am currently on business trip in Shenzhen but due non-working on Sunday (01/23/2011) I wanted to check the progress of the new S&S coaster "Shangrila Snowfield". Let the pictures speak for themselves ... Personal remark: if you want a very good Hotel close to "Happy Valley Shenzhen" then try Crowne Plaza Shenzhen which is in 2 minutes walking distance to the park and also in 3 minutes walking distance to "Window of the World". On to the pictures: view from the Mine Train also view from the Mine Train first drop looks nice but still something missing ... ... only some track is missing after the underwater-tunnel tried a panorama of the underwater-section different angle some missing track and supports waiting in the drained pool-area more tracks and supports waiting and a closer look to the underwater-section see, they are also working on Sundays soon you can scream TAKE THE TUNNEL Hope you enjoined this mini update.
  11. Really great TR Natalie! Sad that I will not make it this year to FMP ... so no credits for me because next year there will be no FMP anymore most likely if they continue like today.
  12. Hi Hanno, really great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I think now is definitely the time to go to Europa Park. I live relatively near (about 8 hours driving from Vienna/Austria) but never made it up to now unfortunately ....
  13. HI TPR´s. This is my first post - but I had to reply as I am living in Vienna/Austria. Prater is a huge area but unfortunately every ride has to be paid extra. Also if you are a "thrillseeker" Prater will not really satisfy you. The real good thing is - as already mentioned in the TR - the "Budweiser Budvar"-Beer which has nothing in common with the Budweiser from Anheuser Busch.
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