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  1. Either Mantis or Raptor at CP...since I can't remember which I rode first I'll go with Raptor since it's a better ride
  2. From the Japanese Airtime Log Flume: "Dude, if that ferris wheel fell over on us right now, that would be bad, wouldn't it?" Also, as everyone else has said, the Manhattan Express video is pure gold.
  3. Dateline: 1989 1. Magnum XL-200 (actually opened the day I was born) 2. Hercules at Dorney Park (also the day I was born) 3. Goudurix
  4. I actually went to Chickie's and Pete's on opening day last season, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Way better than most of the food at CP. I'll stick to there, Famous Dave's, and Johnny Rockets. Oh, and Auntie Anne's pretzels
  5. Florida-Fire Dragon Illinois-Raging Bull Indiana-Holiday World New York-Cyclone Ohio-Millennium Force Tennessee-Thunderhead Virginia-Apollo's Chariot (Alpengeist a close 2nd)
  6. Cedar Fair: Millennium Force Six Flags: Raging Bull SeaWorld Entertainment: Apollo's Chariot/Alpengeist Universal: Dueling Dragons Fire Disney Parks: Expedition Everest
  7. Kings Island-100 miles Cedar Point-135 miles Kennywood-180 miles
  8. I voted for option 2, but either would be an improvement over the current. I thought the twitter feed made the page more cluttered, and I like having a big central image to draw people in.
  9. Of course it's a pink train, it's in Japan Why is this ride a) at Fuji-Q, and b) so freaking far away?!
  10. This. I rode Voyage in 2010 as well, and I didn't find it that rough at all. It wasn't a ride I could marathon, but that was mainly due to how completely insane the ride is. Of course, this coming from a guy whose home park is Kings Island, not exactly known for smooth woodies, so take that with a grain of salt. I actually thought Raven and especially Legend were much worse (I may have just caught them on a bad day). I'll be the last person to complain if Voyage gets the RMC treatment though.
  11. I'm about 1:45 from Kings Island and 2:45 from Cedar Point. I grew up less than an hour from KI, so it's my "home park".
  12. And to all the naysayers that will be coming out of the woodwork in the next few months, this is all I have to say. Son of Beast is gone, and a new B&M invert is in. It's a win for everyone except Ohio chiropractors.
  13. Didn't get the height, but they mentioned the total elevation change is 208 feet since it goes down into the valley. Probably about 170-180 foot lift. I'm so damn excited. It's a beautiful looking ride, and I hope it rides half as good as it looks
  14. Restraints look like the same ones as on wing coasters. No headbanging!
  15. I've been on Wild Eagle and GateKeeper and enjoyed them both. I liked GateKeeper more because I felt the layout was more interesting. Wing riders are just FUN. And there's nothing wrong with that. Not every ride needs to be balls-out insane. Like _koppen mentioned, they're 2 different types of thrill. Variety is the spice of life, my friends.
  16. Rode Millennium Force in the rain this past weekend. It was only a drizzle, but going that fast, all the drops felt like little needles hitting your face. That might have been the best ride I've ever had on it
  17. This video described in one sentence: 'Judge me by my size, do you?' Even the trains are tiny...still looks as awesome as any Intamin. Not all coasters need to be 400+ feet tall and go 150 mph to be awesome *cough CEDARPOINTFANSONFACEBOOK cough*
  18. I can feel the blood pooling in my head just watching that. It at least looks "smoother" than the Screamin' Squirrel in China...
  19. Oh dear God. That might be the most evil looking ride ever. I got sick just watching the POV. Hopefully no one had a "protein spill"...
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