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  1. Mmmmmmm...MEAT ON STICKS!!! Why don't they have these in Ohio?!
  2. I've never lost my glasses, but I'm pretty paranoid about it. The Racer at KI is pretty much the most intense ride I wear my glasses on, and anything crazier I just take them off. I used to have a strap, but I lost it and decided not to get a new one.
  3. ^^Part of the problem is that I don't wear my glasses on rides, and I can't see more than about 5 feet in front of me without them. And Maverick has so many twists that I get disoriented easily. I remember the basic layout, but a lot of the time the turns catch me by surprise. If I lean back in the seat, it's not so bad. Thanks for the advice though; I'm going Saturday, and if nothing else, if the ride's too rough, I can go on Mean Streak and pop my neck/spine back in place
  4. Don't get me wrong, I still love the ride, it's just not something I'd want to marathon. Maybe I'm just a wimp...yeah it's probably that.
  5. ^ I agree with you on the restraints. I love the ride, but my neck keeps whacking the restraints during the twisty bits, and it's even worse for my fiance since it hits her in the temples. We both need some Tylenol after riding it. It may just be our body sizes. If Maverick got the restraints from I-305, it would become a lot more rerideable to me, and probably would surpass MF as my favorite in the park.
  6. I LOVE the trains on Diamondback. The B&M hyper trains are so open, and when you're on an edge seat, it feels like it's just you soaring around the track, completely free. The seats are super comfy and the lap bars just add to the openness of everything. Plus, it's painted like a freaking snake, complete with fangs!
  7. Man, KI looks slammed...I don't know if I've ever seen it that crowded. Can't blame the locals though, it's been raining pretty much all of April down here, and yesterday was the most beautiful day we've had all month. And Windseeker's lights look AMAZING. I'll have to ride it at night, that will be an unreal experience.
  8. ^ I definitely think so. When it was themed as TR:TR, the theming was probably as good as you'll see outside the Disney/Universal/Busch parks. Where the bat-thing currently stands, there was a preshow giving some backstory, and the door toward the ride was closed, so you didn't know what type of ride you were in for. Now the door is open (at least it was the last time I rode), ruining the surprise. During the ride itself, there was a massive carving of a goddess on the wall, and you were thrown into a battle between fire and ice. There was a soundtrack that fit really well with the ride cycle, along with a sequence where you got lowered toward the lava upside down. The cycle was a little more intense, with 4 or 5 flips (I can't remember exactly how many) instead of the 2 they have now. Now the ride just feels like a Top Spin in a box, whereas before it was about as well-themed and immersive as it could possibly be. The theming gradually wore away when Cedar Fair took over...they ran an "insane" program a couple years ago with 9 or 10 flips that almost compensated for the lack of theming. Now the ride is a shell of its former self. It's still an "ok" ride, but not something I'd wait more than 5 minutes for now. Hopefully the new theming means KI is trying to restore some of the ride's former glory.
  9. Liked! The mechanics of this are amazing, and the amount of effort you put into it clearly shows. I remember building a K'nex ferris wheel in 2nd or 3rd grade and I was so proud of that thing. Good luck!
  10. Wednesday and Thursday should be fine, you'll have more than enough time to do everything. You can probably knock out most of the big rides on Wednesday, then Thursday can be for the stuff you missed and rerides on your favorites. I've never stayed on property at CP, so I can't help you there. As far as rides are concerned, Top Thrill Dragster is notoriously prone to breakdowns, although it's gotten better the past few years. It will have a pretty consistent line the whole day (1 hour or so at least). Maverick also breaks down somewhat frequently, and will probably have a decent wait the whole time (45+ mins). Definitely head toward the back of the park first, as the rides at the front get mobbed when the park opens (especially Raptor). Gemini is a hidden gem tucked near the back of the park, and Disaster Transport is fun in an extremely cheesy, goofy way, plus it's indoors. Blue Streak might be the most underrated coaster in the park. I second the recommendation of WildCat. All the flat rides are fun, and most of them typically have short lines as everyone flocks to the roller coasters. Food at CP is not their strong suit. The food for the most part is very expensive, and most of it isn't very good. Unfortunately with the location of the park, it's kind of a pain to drive into Sandusky and get fast food. There's a TGI Friday's and Famous Dave's BBQ outside the park on the peninsula. Inside the park, Midway Market is a good value for the money, especially at lunch, and Johnny Rockets is pretty good. Most of the walk-up places have shaded areas to eat, but Chick-fil-A and Coasters Drive-In have limited seating inside. I would highly suggest bringing a water bottle or buying one at the park and refilling it throughout the day, as drinks will set you back around $4 a meal, and vending machines are $3. I'm by no means an expert, but I hope this helps. Have fun up there!
  11. ^Now hopefully they can get it running on a consistent basis again...good to see that they're giving it some TLC. Crypt has been going downhill fast the last few years.
  12. Not to sound like a broken record, but...Tower of Terror is number one with a bullet. It's got everything you could ever want in a ride: a great story, an insane amount of detail, and of course that gut-wrenching feeling you get when it drops you. I really love the randomness of it, as it makes the ride just a little bit different every time. Second for me would be Toy Story Mania, just because it's so insanely fun.
  13. Done! Glad I was able to help out my Big Ten brethren! Very well done.
  14. Took about 4 seconds to get the whole page to load...most recent version of Firefox with Windows 7. Just a tad longer than any other page on Firefox, but nothing that's a big deal at all.
  15. I love all this uber nerdy stuff! We're all coaster nerds here, but some of us are just nerdier than others! Thanks for sharing, it's really cool to look at.
  16. Just looking at this makes me SO EXCITED!! I'm going on Freedom of the Seas in October for my honeymoon, and if it's half as awesome as this ship is, then it will pretty much be the best vacation ever!
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