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  1. Lock me in for 3 duckies! Been way too long since I've been to Sea World. I still remember going to Sea World Ohio before Six Flags/Cedar Fair killed it.
  2. Something tells me those small rides would be way more intense than their big counterparts... Lock me in for 4 duckies!
  3. I'm going with one ducky, lock me in. I can't help but feel I missed some...Big Mike, you're a sly dog.
  4. R.I.P. Jaws. Seems like the old guard at USO isn't going to last much longer, but that makes sense since our generation doesn't really remember Jaws or Fievel or even E.T. Money talks, and Harry keeps the turnstiles turning. I think the whole two-park Harry Potter invasion could lead to Harry being a third gate. That would make everybody happy: Harry's legions of fans get their own little universe, and those who just don't care don't have to give J.K. Rowling more money. It may be a pipe dream, but if Universal is crazy enough to put Harry in both parks, they're crazy enough for a third gate.
  5. Big Mike, I feel your pain...I hit my hand on the Beast a few years ago going into the helix toward the end of the ride. Needless to say, I don't put my hands up on that part anymore...
  6. I'm not sure how logistically feasible that would be, but I could easily see making HP land into a third gate. Whenever I hear anyone in the news talk about WWoHP, it's always referred to as a "theme park" and not a "themed land inside a theme park". So why wouldn't Universal take that idea and run with it? Maybe even put a gate to HP World in each of the parks to encourage park hopping. There are enough HP crazies to make this a monster hit for Universal (I consider myself a fan but not of the insane psychotic variety). I'd much rather see a third gate than lands in both parks, which just seems like overkill. I personally hope some other property takes over Amity (Lord of the Rings would be amazing, but I don't know if there is room). I will miss Jaws. It was definitely not the "best" ride at USF, but something I had to ride when I was there, even though I've only been twice. But it showed its age, especially with all the new rides that have been put in. I just hope Universal realizes not everyone wants to see all Harry Potter. But money talks, so I think more HP is coming.
  7. I personally think AK is fine now, but it seems to me like if someone didn't have time to visit all the Disney parks, Animal Kingdom is the first on the chopping block. That's what I think Disney wants to do with "Avatar-land". Like someone said, I can see a wing-rider going in easily, and a tamer flat ride to complement Dinosaur would be great. I also think the land could go where Rafiki's Planet Watch is too, since Avatar has such a strong environmental angle. I don't think AK would need both lands, so they could get rid of Rafiki. The biggest problem with that area right now is that you can't get there unless you take the train. If they rip out the train, they can build a path to get back to Avatar-land.
  8. This has absolutely HUGE potential for Disney. It fits really well in Animal Kingdom, so that will give WDW four full day parks finally. The movie was just "meh", but as a land there are a ton of possibilities for attractions...
  9. Elissa, Trail of Terror was back there before the dinosaurs invaded. It's a shame that the area won't be used, because the haunt back there was the best in the park by a mile. So you're not the only one who thought that area would be great for a haunt!
  10. I've been to... Ohio (home state) Indiana Illinois Michigan Kentucky Tennessee Georgia Florida Colorado Pennsylvania New Jersey New York West Virginia Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Only 16? Man, I need to get out more...
  11. Longest line I've ever waited in was 2 hours for TTD the year it opened...it broke down at least 3 times in line. "Worst" line is Firehawk. The lack of shade makes it worse, and when the sun hits just right, it's unbearable back there. Not to mention the line moves at a snail's pace.
  12. Steel: TTD Wood: SOB, with and w/o loop I need to ride more coasters outside Ohio...
  13. Even if it's "just" a B&M giga, it's still gonna be awesome. I like how it seems to emphasize speed, which kind of makes it a complement to Behemoth, which is all about airtime. Sort of like MF and Magnum at Cedar Point--similar, but different enough. Way to go CW, you got a visit from me in the near future
  14. I don't think it's a "plain" giga...it wouldn't make sense for the park to just install a bigger version of Behemoth, especially since they only put Behemoth in 3 years ago. I bet there's some other feature, whether it be a launch, wing seats, dive coaster or even just a radically different layout with more twists and turns. I bet the name is Leviathan...Behemoth and Leviathan are both Biblical creatures, so it would make sense that Leviathan would want to steal CW's thunder from its Biblical brother. Plus it's just an incredibly epic name. No matter what the ride ends up being, I may have to go north of the border next year
  15. http://themeparkreview.com/parks/pimages/Tokyo_Disneyland/The_Ultimate_TPR_Tokyo_Disneyland_Update/tokyo_disneyalnd2_109.jpg ROBB! DO NOT EAT KIDTUMS!!! SHE IS NOT CURRY FLAVORED POPCORN!!!!!
  16. I don't even want to THINK about how long those lines would be at a US park. If those lines were for Firehawk @ KI, you'd be stuck there all day! Yay Tokyo Disney operations!
  17. It doesn't make a huge difference to me. I've been on both Hulk and Kraken, and loved them both. Although front row on Kraken was all kinds of awesome, so if I had to pick one, I'd go with floorless.
  18. Between all the Yakitori and flavored popcorn, I might gain 10 pounds going to Japan, but I would enjoy every second of it. Definitely on my bucket list, especially Tokyo Disney
  19. I went to HW last year late July, and I had the exact opposite problem. It was possible that Voyage was just running well, but I thought it was actually the LEAST rough woodie there. The Legend in particular beat the ever living snot out of me (and my home park is KI, so I know all about rough woodies). Voyage was probably the second most intense ride I've been on (TTD is #1) but it didn't beat me up for whatever reason. I can definitely tell that if it got rough at all, it would be nearly unrideable. Voyage is probably my #1 wood over the Beast (I really need to ride more woodies...). Definitely need to go back sooner rather than later, I really loved the park. And Bert the Conqueror reminded me how much I loved Wildebeest
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