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  1. Either Mantis or Raptor at CP...since I can't remember which I rode first I'll go with Raptor since it's a better ride
  2. From the Japanese Airtime Log Flume: "Dude, if that ferris wheel fell over on us right now, that would be bad, wouldn't it?" Also, as everyone else has said, the Manhattan Express video is pure gold.
  3. Dateline: 1989 1. Magnum XL-200 (actually opened the day I was born) 2. Hercules at Dorney Park (also the day I was born) 3. Goudurix
  4. I actually went to Chickie's and Pete's on opening day last season, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Way better than most of the food at CP. I'll stick to there, Famous Dave's, and Johnny Rockets. Oh, and Auntie Anne's pretzels
  5. Florida-Fire Dragon Illinois-Raging Bull Indiana-Holiday World New York-Cyclone Ohio-Millennium Force Tennessee-Thunderhead Virginia-Apollo's Chariot (Alpengeist a close 2nd)
  6. Cedar Fair: Millennium Force Six Flags: Raging Bull SeaWorld Entertainment: Apollo's Chariot/Alpengeist Universal: Dueling Dragons Fire Disney Parks: Expedition Everest
  7. Kings Island-100 miles Cedar Point-135 miles Kennywood-180 miles
  8. I voted for option 2, but either would be an improvement over the current. I thought the twitter feed made the page more cluttered, and I like having a big central image to draw people in.
  9. Of course it's a pink train, it's in Japan Why is this ride a) at Fuji-Q, and b) so freaking far away?!
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