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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that a new attraction, Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, will open at Tokyo DisneySea® Park in summer 2011. (Please see below for attraction outline.)


With the addition of this new attraction in summer 2011, there will be a total of 32 facilities at Tokyo DisneySea Park (27 attractions, 2 character greeting facilities, and 3 entertainment facilities).


Jasmine’s Flying Carpets- Tokyo DisneySea New Attraction:


Themed to the Disney film Aladdin, Jasmine’s Flying Carpets is a ride attraction where guests can soar over Jasmine’s garden on a flying carpet. Guests will be able to maneuver their vehicle up and down to a height of 5 meters, and tilt the vehicle forward and backward, as if flying their own magical carpet. This uplifting ride can be enjoyed by all, from young children to adults. Guests can also watch their friends and family on their flying carpet from an elevated viewing deck.


Opening date (tentative): Summer 2011

Location: Arabian Coast (next to Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage)

Seating: 4 persons (2 persons in 2 rows) per vehicle with a total of 16 vehicles

Total capital invested:Approximately 2 billion yen


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This will make that area of the park very small kid friendly! With Sinbad, the carousel and now the flying carpets should be a nice little corner of the park. Lots of stuff for the little kids to do while the big kids are next door at Indy and Raging Spirits.

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This will make that area of the park very small kid friendly! With Sinbad, the carousel and now the flying carpets should be a nice little corner of the park. Lots of stuff for the little kids to do while the big kids are next door at Indy and Raging Spirits.


That makes sense. I guess they must be trying to focus families with young children over there.


This does look definitely like a step above the Carpets in the Magic Kingdom. I assume no camel to be spitting on innocent guests?

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Leave it to the Tokyo Disney Resort to take something as simple as a Flying Carpet ride...




Seriously, the architecture and theming of the ride really does look like something built for Taj Mahal palace grounds!


---space "Tokyo Disney's done it again" mtfan

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Tokyo DisneySea® Park will hold the “Be Magical!” special event to celebrate the Park’s 10th anniversary next year.


Tokyo DisneySea, which had its grand opening on September 4, 2001, will celebrate this milestone anniversary for almost a whole year from April 23, 2011 through March 19, 2011, divided into five different periods. Mickey Mouse will cast his magic over Tokyo DisneySea, with Disney favorites like Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto joining in the fun all dressed as sorcerers. Among the many magical programs to be offered are the new nighttime spectacular, “Fantasmic!” featuring Mickey as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice; and the new attraction, Jasmine’s Flying Carpets.


The celebrations will kick off with the new nighttime spectacular, “Fantasmic!” Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice will create a world of fantasy and imagination on the waters of Mediterranean Harbor every night. The days will also be filled with magic, including character greetings in Mediterranean Harbor featuring the Disney friends dressed in their 10th anniversary costumes, and other special programs.


Summer will see the launch of the new attraction, Jasmine’s Flying Carpets. Guests will be able to take a ride on these magical carpets and fly above Arabian Coast.


Including the opening programs, the celebrations will take place over five different periods, with cooling programs in summer, Halloween events in autumn, Christmas celebrations in winter, and the New Year bringing special programs for a grand finale. Throughout the Tokyo DisneySea 10th anniversary year, guests will fall under Mickey’s magical spell, and experience a world of Disney dreams and fantasy as never before. The 10th anniversary year is certain to “Be Magical!” at Tokyo DisneySea!


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I am a huge fan of BraviSEAmo, and in my opinion it would be horrible if Disney was to scrap Bellisea and Prometeo . But I thought about it and decided to come up with a solution. It would seem that both Bellisea and Prometeo have similarities with the filming sequence from Fantasia called the Sprite of Spring. Belliesea could be colored green rather than blue/ white to become the Sprite herself. While Prometeo would be re-casted as her natural enemy, the Firebird. This sequence could easily be added to TDS's Fantasmic! Or if they wanted to shorten the sequence the Imagineers could even use Prometeo's structure to create Maleficent's dragon. Heres a short video of the Sprite of Spring:



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People are currently tweeting from the park and saying that the parking lots and park are currently being hit by the tsunami cause by the Sendai Earthquake, few pictures are coming in.


#BREAKING: Tokyo Disney has closed down. Staff and guests are safe. The carpark has been obliterated. @Disneyland





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The current specifics


A major earthquake has hit Northern Japan. The quake was offshore from Sendai and measured 8.9 on the Richter scale. After the quake which lasted several minutes Japan was hit by tsunami waves. Also in Tokyo the the quake was felt. What kind of damage there is will unfold in the next hours to days and there still is a change to aftershocks. Tsunami waves up to 30 feet reported.

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