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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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One more thing.....in the case of ToT, if the TDS version is anything like DCA's you also see the hallway *right* as you enter the ride vehicle, and there's the very weird feeling of going from this really themed boiler room, stepping through the really un-themed hallway, then going into the really themed ride vehicle. IMO, the hallway makes the theming seem very dis-jointed and totally breaks the "immersion." I can't think of ANY other Disney ride that does it as much as DCA's Tower does.


MGM's doesn't do this since you step right into the ride vehicle and there is no hallway, and then when you exit the ride, you exit directly into the onride photo area.



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^ TDS's makes a little more sense in that regard, since you aren't entering through the elevator doors then into the hallway then into the elevator. In the TDS version, the boiler room has been replaced by a library/artifact storage are and elevators are supposed to be in a secret passage hidden behind the walls. If you notice when you are waiting on the numbers, the doors in front aren't the elevator doors like in the US Towers, but panels that are supposed to slide away to lead to the elevators. This is why I was hoping that they'd put some extra theming in that section, to re-enforce that you are in a secret passage behind the main library.

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It doesn't matter too much, but Disney used to go the extra mile to make sure the entire experience was well-done. It's like if you're listening to a really great album, and then the last track is recorded poorly or something. The rest of the thing is still awesome, but the contrast between the elements makes it stick out more.


True. There are rides that are 100% themed everywhere though like Journey to the Center of the Earth. There's not one corner where detail has been spared. In fact, I would put it as Disney's most elaborate/themed attraction yet. Journey to the Center of the Earth truly is a Disney masterpiece.


Sorry for going off topic.


Journey to the Center of the Earth's post show area; just as detailed as the area in the queue and ride.


Journey to the Center of the Earth spares no expense when it comes to theming!


Journey to the Center of the Earth's post show area; just as detailed as the area in the queue and ride.


Journey to the Center of the Earth spares no expense when it comes to theming!

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This hallway is no match for TDS's themed corridor post ride


Trying to use actual backstage areas against MGM's version. Nice. You pretty much lost any credibility right there.


I honestly thought it was, as I haven't been to Orlando in 10 years. Anyways, I agree that it could've been better themed but what can you do? I don't see a point in continuing this argument, as Tower of Terror is not even my favorite ride.

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Today the new Tower of Terror opened at Tokyo DisneySea, and I just wanted to say that this version looks amazing. The story is far different from that of the current US versions, but in a good way. In fact, I feel it is a better storyline.


Ride's official story:


"Anyone who visits American Waterfront will soon find their gaze irresistibly drawn to the unique form of the lofty Hotel Hightower. The building's unusual design and extraordinary proportions were symbols of the wealth and power of its notorious creator, antiquities collector Harrison Hightower III, and indeed the stories of the man and the hotel are inextricably linked.


After inheriting his father's mansion, Harrison Hightower III decided to renovate his home, adding gardens, a pool and spa, the five-story "Caliph's Tower," the eight-story "Indian Tower," with its many guestrooms and a ballroom, and finally the 14-story "Great Tower," in which Hightower kept his personal apartments in the penthouse suite. Although the overall style of the hotel is Gothic, to a certain extent there are elements of other architectural styles from all over the world. Also, as a further testament to his greatness, Hightower installed many artifacts he had acquired during his globe-spanning expeditions in various places around the hotel.


Harrison Hightower III was a collector of cultural antiquities. Accompanied by his valet, Mr. Smelding, he traveled to every continent to collect his curiosities, including Asia, Europe, South America and Oceania. Once he found an artifact he wanted, he would use any method available to acquire it, including on occasion outright plunder.


In 1899, Hightower embarked on the most hazardous expedition of his life, heading up the Congo River and into the dangerous parts of uncharted Africa. Though his intention was to collect the art and craftwork of the region, Hightower soon found himself the object of attacks by hostile local tribes, and many members of his team lost their lives.


Then one day, Hightower's severely reduced party was chased into the area of the dreaded Mtundu tribe. Though greatly feared by neighboring tribes, the Mtundu welcomed Harrison Hightower's ill-fated expedition quite cordially, and actually invited the adventurers to eat with them.


During the meal, Hightower learned of the existence of the tribe's protective idol. The statue was called "Shiriki Utundu," and Harrison Hightower wanted it for his own. He tried to persuade the village headman to sell him the idol, but was refused, which only served to increase his desire. He then told his men to prepare for battle, and grabbing Shiriki Utundu from its altar, stole the idol and escaped the village.


The expedition was nervous and afraid that the many warriors of the Mtundu tribe would pursue and attack them, but strangely they only stood by and watched expressionlessly as Hightower took their idol. Some thought they may even have been slightly smiling…


On December 31, 1899, Harrison Hightower III was back in New York and held a press conference in his private office at Hotel Hightower to unveil his latest "find." Manfred Strang, a reporter from the New York Globe-Telegraph, asked if Shiriki Utundu wasn't really cursed, but was then thrown out of the building. After that, Hightower was his usual bombastic self, giving a heroic description of his adventure and allowing no real questions. That evening, he gave a spectacular New Year's Eve party to celebrate his return from Africa.


Though the party was a success, Hightower left early to find a place for Shiriki Utundu in his penthouse apartment. As Hightower boarded the elevator, Mr. Smelding warned him to give proper respect to the idol. Hightower refused to pay heed, and, sneering in defiance, even put out his cigar on Shiriki Utundu's head!


As the clock struck midnight, all lights in the hotel went out and the party was plunged into darkness. People outside witnessed a dazzling green light bursting out from Harrison Hightower's rooms at the top of the hotel. From the top floors to the bottom, the benighted hotel was pierced by hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity. The arched windows in front shattered with a loud crash, causing broken glass and other debris to rain down on the onlookers below. Small fires had broken out, and panicked party guests scrambled to escape, with many injured in the rush.


However, the most astonishing thing of all was that Harrison Hightower III, who should have been in his rooms at the top of the hotel, abruptly disappeared without a trace.


With the explosion on the top floors, the cables of the hotel elevator were also cut, and Harrison Hightower III was heard screaming in fright. The only thing that was found in the remains of the shattered elevator, though, was Shiriki Utundu. Harrison Hightower was gone. Had Hightower somehow escaped from the elevator unharmed, or was he not even riding it when it crashed? Could he have been transported away somewhere? No one knows the truth.


After Mr. Hightower's mysterious disappearance the hotel was closed down. People in New York began calling it the "Tower of Terror." For 13 years no one dared to enter the hotel until the New York City Preservation Society, led by its president and founder, Miss Beatrice Rose Endicott, began a plan to offer tours of the building to the public. The Society hopes that through its efforts people will again appreciate the architectural beauty of the hotel and the cultural value of the treasures in Harrison Hightower's collection.


Still, dark rumors persist amongst the people of New York. Some say how they saw the "strange, green lights" on that fateful night, while others recall hearing "a terrible scream." The passage of time seems only to have increased the mystery surrounding Hotel Hightower."



(Photo courtesy of Disney)



(Disney concept art/found at Wikipedia)


(Potential Spoliers Ahead)


Anyway, there is a great article over at MiceAge that tells a great plot overview of the ride, and there is a video of the ride here: http://www.jtcent.com/disneysea/american/amwtot.html


I just think this ride looks great, far above the current Towers we have now.

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Strange that this version's story seems more "Twilight Zone-like" than the other versions, in that it has a bit of a moral (that is, Hightower's hubris and lack of respect for others causes his "downfall" and leaves his building with a terrible curse). The original ToTs lacked this sort of message (they could've easily stripped away the "Twilight Zone" trappings and used the original story). I think redoing the ride's backstory was a smart move--a good way to freshen up the ToT concept.

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Thanks to whoever moved the post/new topic I made! Couldn't find this thread.




^^ Didn't think about that, but now that I do, it makes a lot of sense! I also think this is a better story than what we have in the states.


^ Um... yeah. I don't think so. Elissa doesn't need anymore self-adopted 12-year-old stalkers/weirdos.

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I think the hallways will be a bit strange yes. Have you seen the full ride-through video? The hallway at least has a little theming, such as Tour Exit, Cold Storage, etc.


One more thing I don't like about this ride is the seatbelt! While the DCA's and MGM's version have only a "stomach" belt, this one is very weird! You know Test Track? Or when you have to wear your seatbelt in your car? That's the type! It destroys the whole airtime sensation!

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Sorry for posting again!


I also don't like that Japan people are very scared to ghosts! They created The Ring but they scared to ghosts? Look at the reaction when the statue appear! It turned and more-than-a-half people scream very loudly. OMG! Things get worse when the elevator drops! I was putting my volume into 100% when I heard the scream! My whole house said what is that?

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^^^nice video


I really like the style of this building....not to say that its better than WDW or DCA's but it fits perfectly with its storyline...its more New-Yorkish than Hollywood-ish....i really like exdept for that's theres no landscaping like the WDW version....i really liked all the palm plants they had around the outddor portion of the queue. I also like the TDS version...i can't wait to ride it someday!

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I would guess just normal stuff. Same thing they're doing to Matterhorn now. At the most, maybe updated trains.


The extra weight from the music stuff on the of DL Space Mountain was why they did the "new" ride, right? So music, I would say, is unlikey.

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