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The "TPR Klassy Kruise" 2012 Update Thread!

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One more update


KidTums and Funship Freddie are now best friends!


Is this ship more or less ghetto than the Carnival Ecstasy? Vote now!!!


This is an "industrial look" for Piers.


LOL! The "chub gay!"


When I get back home, I want an interior decorator to do our house EXACTY like this!!!


Who do you think will get cut off next? Vote now!


Piers has his own wine!


You know Piers is getting drunk when he's making moves on Dave!


This was supposed to be some kind of meatloaf. It was bad. Really bad. I'm sure I've had frozen TV Dinners that are way better than this.


This warm chocolate gooey cake is one of Carnival's signature deserts.


At first glance it seems like it might be ok...


But really, it's a disgusting plop of chocolate soup. Completely revolting. And this is one of Carnival's signature dishes???


Hooray! We are on the game grid again!


There will be drunk Piers videos! LIKE if you're excited!


Renee made good with the security department. She's still cut off from purchasing alcohol, so they recommended other people buy her drinks! Yes, they actually told her this! Oh, Carnival!


Our final night of the ghetto cruise closed with some Klassy fun in the dance club. For whatever reason "Fell in love in a hopeless place" by Rihanna has been played about 100 times!


Our final thoughts on Carnival's klassieness? We all had a good time... But for all the wrong reasons! And it was more the group than the offerings (or lack thereof) on the ship. In short, Carnival is terrible. Unless you're a fan of Wal-Mart clientele and Golden Corral quality food, avoid then at all costs! Stick with Royal Caribbean, Disney, NCL, or Princess. It might be a bit more money, but you certainly get what you pay for!

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I'll maintain that I had fun on my 7 night on Carnival Conquest. However this thread did make me remember the service in the main dining room from that ship. We would get to the dining room for the earlier of the two dinner services and would be sat down pretty quickly. However after that we never actually got any service! About 45 minutes into dinner our waiter finally came and took our orders for the appetizers. By the time we got them most people were getting their desserts. One night it got so bad that they had to rush us out of the dining room (telling us to go to deck for dessert) because the 2nd dinner service was starting to get their main course, as we were just finish up our main courses (again we were the first seating). We ended up not going back to the main dining room because 3 hour long dinner services didn't do it for us.


By the way, just to add insult to injury, we never once got our food right. One night I asked for a second baked potato, the waiter brought it during the middle of my dessert. Awesome.

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Where do I buy this shirt? Because I'm guessing that if you wear a shirt that says "Party With Sluts," women will find you irresistible and want to party with you.


So sad that this trip is over, but glad everyone appears to have made it out alive.

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Carnival is getting bashed in here as the worst cruise line, however knowing some hardcore cruisers they all say NCL is worse than Carnival. Norwegian also fares the worst on cruise review sites. I have not cruised with NCL, but I have avoided it due to everyone saying how bad the food is. Any NCL fans out there care to shed some light on why you prefer it to Carnival?

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Carnival is getting bashed in here as the worst cruise line, however knowing some hardcore cruisers they all say NCL is worse than Carnival. Norwegian also fares the worst on cruise review sites. I have not cruised with NCL, but I have avoided it due to everyone saying how bad the food is. Any NCL fans out there care to shed some light on why you prefer it to Carnival?


I'm probably not a good representative sample as I've only cruised once (two weeks ago). I am a very picky eater, but found the food at the Norwegian buffet far better than anything I've seen for this Carnival PTR. I fully planned to be disappointed in the buffet and eat at an upcharge restaurant once a day. However, never was I lacking for multiple entrees that were excellent at each sitting. The food presentation was beautiful, the stations were clean and there was NEVER a line unless you wanted to wait (made to order crepes and omelets). The people waiting for those items did not hold up others who wanted other items.


Some of the memorable dishes I had were Veal Croquettes, Veal Scallopine (ate 12 cutlets in one sitting, they were good), Bahamian Fish Cakes, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Veal Wellington, Grilled Tilapia with olive oil and capers, Kung Pao Chicken, Stir Fry (Chicken, Beef and Pork), grilled chicken with bacon and cheddar, fresh pizza (and I'm very particular about my pizza), short of the desserts were mediocre, but others were off the chart including the Thursday night Choco-holic Buffet.


Luckily the ship also had a very modern gym and I only gained 1 pound on the trip.


As far as Klassy Kruisers, sure many of my fellow NCL were of the same shape of people portrayed in this PTR, but they dressed a lot better on Norwegian.

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If Carnival was smart, they'd put all of this ghetto-ness to use and label this ship as an 80's themed cruise. Replace Rihanna with Wang Chung, Thompson Twins & The Outfield, keep the crappy furniture and neon, have 80's themed game night with Press Your Luck or Pictionary...they could have a big hit on their hands!


And...improve the food quality. That stuff looked terrible!

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I seriously don't know what to say.


This was my 4th Carnival Cruise over the last 20 years. I can't see us ever doing one again.


Like Robb said, leading up to the cruise, reading reviews and trip boards we really thought we'd end up eating some of our words always trashing Carnival, but doing this cruise actually made our opinion WORSE!!!


I have never had such bad service or food on a cruise (and I've been on a lot of cruises and a lot of lines).


Seriously, I'm just speechless it was so bad. I'm very happy that we have a RCCL and Disney cruise to look forward to later this year!


For those of you asking, we're considering the NCL Epic as our next 'Klassy Kruise'.

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^NCL has become the "upsell" cruise... Enjoy coca cola? Well generic coke is free but we'll happily sell you a bottle of the real stuff. Like in cabin dining? We've got you covered as long as you are ok with hamburgers and pizza, though we do have an expansive menu of food choices for you to pay for.


For any of you NCL fans out there, I used to be a prolific poster on cruisecritic.com vouching for the quality of the brand.


I'm thinking the only thing that would make a trip on the Epic better than this cruise would be the newer facilities and improved state rooms. .




-chris "and the epic is easily the ugliest cruise ship built in the past decade" con

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I cruised on NCL two years ago and really enjoyed it. It had it's faults, the food could have been better, but over all the service was pretty good. I found a bar that I really enjoyed with great servers who were cool with having a beer with you and just talking. The entertainment was very enjoyable for me as well, I greatly enjoyed what they did with their on-board itinerary and what they had to offer.


My parents went on a Carnival Cruise more or less as a pre-cursor since they had never cruised before. They enjoyed the aspects of going to the Bahamas but both of them verbally expressed that they enjoyed their time spent on the Norwegian Jewel significantly more.

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I'm going to have a LOT more to say about this later (especially about the food - if you've read my food reports in the past, you can just imagine what I'm going to be saying about the crap they served up on this ship!) but I just want to point out right now that while I went into this thinking it wouldn't be as "bad" as we thought it might be, and that perhaps Carnival had an undeserved reputation, I was 100% wrong. This is easily the foulest, most horrible place I've ever spent any vacation time. The ship was horrible, the service beyond terrible, and the food...oh god, the food...never have I seen such crap in my life. I'd say that Carnival should be ashamed for putting forth such an abysmal produce, but there seems to be an audience for pure crap, so I'm sure they figure they need to change or improve nothing, as there will always be another Coors Light swilling gang of idiots who will happily sign up for this torment and proclaim it "best cruise ever!".


Did we have fun? Oh yes. But it was because of the group, not anything that Carnival provided. Seriously, do not spend money with this company. They easily provide one of the worst products on Earth.



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Yes, seriously, thank you for posting regular updates during your vacation so we could share in the "fun." As far as cruise line food goes, I've only been on two cruises, the first of which was Royal Caribbean, and I suspect that one ruined all other cruise food for me forever. It was tremendous. I won a trip aboard one of the Disney ships a few years later, and the food was... OK, but on that ship it seemed to be more about presentation than anything else. I would compare the actual food to Ruby Tuesday quality.


That Carnival stuff I saw in this TR, I would compare to the quality of a Denny's. The kind of Denny's people stop going to after someone gets shot in the parking lot.

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The official "TPR Klassy Kruise 2012" mega update has been posted! Complete with 240 photos and LOTS of videos...including Drunk Piers!


Click here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=570&linkid=11488


After you are reading, come back here and POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!






ps. If you are a fan of drunk Piers videos, watch them all...there is some really good stuff in there!

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I think Texas aka Garbles is trying to steal the jizzman name from me. Maybe.


Still haven't done a cruise yet, but TPR's cruise reports are IN DEPTH beyond belief and are seriously the first source I'd go to if I wanted to pick a cruise. I love TPR because in the past two years I feel like the friends, members, and theme park-esque (also non theme park attractions, but damn close) have been heavily incorporated into this site.


Glad to see another crazy TPR trip and everyone having fun! I have been in Egypt the past two weeks B) And Fantazyland (near Alexandria) seems to be dead, dead.


Edited by PKI Jizzman
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