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  1. Looks like they are keeping the Lakeside Panini Bistro and Lakeside Dining area. I love that area and it is my favorite spot to grab some wine and relax. I hope they keep the flamingo boats as well. Adding a major new attraction without subtracting anything...well done!
  2. I disagree with this statement. Both Kraken and Manta, particularly the former, are tough acts to follow. Totally agree. Each is arguably the best of its type.
  3. Totally agree about the Shark Encounter. I love how they integrated a beautiful aquarium with Manta which not only serves as a standalone walk through attraction but also interacts with the queue. I would love it if they re-did the shark tank like that, but I don't know...massive undertaking.
  4. Genx24 is on point. I agree classic out and back hyper. There is not much room at SeaWorld for a complex layout unless they demo something. The easiest thing would be to hug the edge of the park, probably a tight side by side style like Behemoth at PCW. Also don't forget there is still nothing like this in airtime-starved Florida.
  5. Haha, but it can't be because this will be the longest coaster in Orlando. I think this will definitely be a pure out and back hyper heading either out over the parking lot or on the other side of the pond where Kraken sits.
  6. My floorless count: Kraken, Dominator, Scream, and Medusa (Bizarro). Kraken takes this one easily for me.
  7. I've been on 5 cruises total: 1 Celebrity, 1 Royal Caribbean, 1 Princess, 2 Carnival. My most recent cruise before this one was a 14-day on the Emerald Princess 4 years ago. I think in terms of the quality and service we experienced for what we paid, the Dream was an excellent value. I wouldn't necessarily say it was a better value than RCI with their amazing ship amenities, but I would book Carnival again. The Sunshine looks like a beautiful ship.
  8. Wow, not much love for Carnival to be found here. I went on the Carnival Dream last month due to my family organizing a reunion. After their recent incidents I would not have booked Carnival, but they did it before those incidents and I'm not passing up a free cruise. I have to say it was great...excellent ship, great service, clean westernized ports, and food was actually very good (namely the dedicated Tandoor station).
  9. Hands down worst: Outer Limits: Flight of Fear @ Kings Dominion back when it was nicknamed Flight of Pain. The OTSRs delivered baseball bat to the skull headbanging. I will never forget that ride. Honorable Mentions: Riverside Cyclone. The jack-hammering and abrupt changes in the track make it the worst woodie I have ever ridden. T2 at Kentucky Kingdom. You know its going to be bad when the drop is rough!! I didn't think a steel coaster could even feel like that. It was one of those rides where you just brace yourself and pray for it to be over soon.
  10. For me this is no contest...The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear before the OTSRs were removed was hands down the most painful experience I have ever had on a roller coaster. I will never forget that ride. It hit my head so hard I was yelling and cursing the entire way. I remember exiting the ride just pissed off. For a woodie I think I will go with Riverside Cyclone. There were some turns in that ride that I remember seeing coming and just saying...that does not look good. The jackhammering on this ride was unparalleled. It makes Georgia Cyclone seem smooth.
  11. I got to check out TurtleTrek this weekend and the attraction exceeded my expectations. I had read mostly positive reviews, but some were negative and said it was a letdown. Well, for me and my party of four it was well worth the 45 minute wait. I have only 2 complaints: 1) You get almost no time to look in the manatee tank unless you happen to get stopped next to it. We were stopped around the corner, and by the time we got to see the tank we were ushered up to the upper level and into the turtle tank room. Also, the upper area is a ways back from the tank and you will have an inferior view compared to the lower area. 2) The presenters voice volume is a bit too low in the staging area. He is explaining what a turtle goes through and what you will see in the dome, and his voice can barely rise above the chatter in this room. Mainly this is due to being right in front of a tank with kids and parents pointing at things left and right. It's very noisy in there, and they should raise the volume so that people who want to listen can do so more easily. On the plus side it was very comfortable temperature-wise throughout the attraction. I had read a complaint that it was stuffy, crowded, and smelly in the the staging area or dome. The staging area was crowded, but were no issues with stuffiness or body odor in the rooms. Once in the dome there was enough elbow room to move around a bit and see everything easily. We were in the center ring and this is definitely where you want to be. Once the movie started, a little boy immediately started crying, so reports of some kids being scared are true. However, luckily there were no other dissenters in the room. The movie itself was great...good animation and exciting from start to finish. It was a nice length too. The main attraction was the new 3D dome technology, and I'd have to say this is the most immersive stationary attraction I have ever experienced. Aside from the obligatory things coming straight at you, some scenes had marine life which appeared to hover above you and move through the middle of the room, exactly how I had envisioned and hoped it would look. This is some impressive technology. After the movie ends, you can view the tanks from above and look at turtles and manatees meander about their beautiful lagoon habitat. The rest of the park looked great as always. SeaWorld is in good hands these days...can't wait for Antarctica next year.
  12. If there is a dome then it isn't in 3D. SeaWorld has a patent on this 3D dome technology from what I heard.
  13. Looks like the trackless rumor is true based on that pic. Not sure how 8 people can decide on how intense the ride should be. I can't imagine the intensity level is per seat. Maybe penguin beaks that jab you in the legs and back as they attack can be more or less intense per rider?
  14. This is my biggest issue at universal! I recently walked out of rockit's single riders line since it was virtually the same wait as the regular line!!! It can be annoying if say, a Brazilian Tour Group got in front of you, but I see nothing wrong with a group of more than 2 hitting up the single line as long as they understand that they are not going to be seated together. After all, isn't that the purpose of the single line, to fill what would've been otherwise vacant seats had it not been there? Furthermore, some single rider lines are longer regardless by the nature of the seating style. You mention Rip, Ride, Rockit but even Cheetah Hunt suffers from the delays as the two across seating has always been disastrous for me when trying to go Single Rider on them.... God forbid that Single Rider line is not your free Universal express pass. Exactly. The single rider line can work to your advantage a lot of time, but if it doesn't then you can't complain. No park guarantees that the single rider line will get you on the ride faster. Guests in groups larger than 2 have just as much a right to stand in that line as someone who is by themselves.
  15. Well it depends on what you need it for... Also, I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I think that Harry Potter World directly killed Dueling Dragons (I insist on calling it that still). Without the money-grabbing retheme, there wouldn't be as big of an influx of GP and first-timers, and with that the shi- erm, knuckleheads that threw stuff at each other on the ride causing Dueling Dragons to not duel any more. Harry Potter is terrible and I hate it. Get off my lawn! I don't think that HP caused any influx of knuckleheads. The ride was open for 11 years prior to Potter, and there was never any shortage of idiots at IOA in that timeframe. Harry Potter fans in particular certainly aren't any worse than the usual teens that patronize IOA. Anyway, I don't understand why a mesh screen can't be put between the space where the trains come at each other. In any case, if given the choice I would much rather have Forbidden Journey with non-dueling dragons than no FJ. I know there are a lot of HP haters on this site, but I personally think it's the best dark ride ever created.
  16. Thanks for the advice. A floating amalgam of Golden Corral and Wal-Mart sounds even worse than Speed 2.
  17. So this is not a matter of this particular Carnival ship being older and crappy? Certainly their newer ships are much nicer and have better food?? Personally, like many I like RCCL, but I have heard good things about the newer Carnival ships in terms of food compared to NCL. Perhaps I should not even consider any Carnival ships.
  18. Carnival is getting bashed in here as the worst cruise line, however knowing some hardcore cruisers they all say NCL is worse than Carnival. Norwegian also fares the worst on cruise review sites. I have not cruised with NCL, but I have avoided it due to everyone saying how bad the food is. Any NCL fans out there care to shed some light on why you prefer it to Carnival?
  19. We were actually talking about this at Orlando United. Some cars spin a lot, some don't spin that much. I was on Cat in the Hat one week ago on Saturday 3/3 and the cars barely spun at all. That would be pretty retarded if some cars spun a lot and some cars didn't at random with no indication...perhaps they are testing? I hope they restore the spinning to all cars soon. The ride is a complete bore without it.
  20. For me it's definitely Acrophobia. Being able to see straight down puts this ride above and beyond the other drop rides. You also stick out a good ways from the tower, so the view of the earth rushing toward you is unobstructed. It's pretty much the only ride that I would call terrifying.
  21. I second that. When I first heard the announcement and description of this attraction, I thought they were talking a good game but doubted that the technology would be that impressive. After seeing this...wow. While SeaWorld/Busch has always been known for great theming, excellent use of existing technologies, ride placement, etc, they haven't really been known for introducing new technology. This really looks like it will change the game for the immersive theater experience. Brian Morrow is really impressive and I am really excited about this and all of his upcoming projects.
  22. It looks to me more like a double-up heading in to the turnaround. But given the limited perspectives available to us, it could certainly be either. Either way, looks like a great ride. The second layout picture, from the back side, shows that it's a double down! Just follow the track carefully. It has a small airtime hill before the turnaround, and a double down coming out of it. It's definitely a double down.
  23. Uh, ham and swiss is about as classic and common a pairing as peanut butter and jelly.
  24. I assume that this looks better in person. Hogwarts had to use forced perspective and it is several times the size of this. This castle really looks small in the picture.
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