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The "TPR Klassy Kruise" 2012 Update Thread!

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Hey guys!


It is time once again to follow along on another TPR Cruise! But this time they are leaving behind the comforts and reliability of their trusted RCL cruise ships and are boldly going where no Alvey has sanely gone before... aboard the very klassy Carnival Ecstasy! So, join us as Robb, Elissa and the gang present to you the TPR Klassy Kruise 2012!



Here is a clue for what we are about to do! Can you figure it out?



Here is another clue of what we are doing. Look at that ship! Isn't it a beaut?



The Disney Fantasy is the newest, most luxurious ship with the highest tech features in entertainment to recently set sail. We are very excited about cruising on this ship...



...except we aren't going on that ship!



Welcome to the first ever "TPR Ghetto Cruise" aboard the very klassy Carnival Ecstasy! LIKE if you will follow along this epic disaster for the next few days!



The atrium of the Ghetto Cruise Ship is both tragic and wonderful at the same time! It's "klassy!"



Nothing says "klassy" like neon glass elevators!



This is the "Neon Bar" on the TPR Klassy Kruise! I have no words for this. It's just so klassy!!!



Presenting to you the "neon bar" on the TPR Klassy Kruise!



I have a feeling we will be spending some klassy time in the neon bar!



I have no words!



We are somewhere here...



...and the Costa Concordia is somewhere here!



We have found the most luxurious area on the Klassy Kruise!



Yes, it's true! We are cruising the "Wal-Mart of the Seas" on the first ever TPR "Klassy Kruise!"



Oh, no! Reed is accidentally falling into a lifeboat!



This "Klassy Kruise" ship is right out of a 1974 Las Vegas casino!



This is the Carnival mascot. Seriously, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!!??



It's sail away time! Klearly the TPR Klassy Kruise is gay friendly!



The locals come our to wave Bon Voyage to the ship. In Carnival Cruise language that translates to "Good luck! You'll need it!"



Gotta love a place that has tables with tracer lights!



We'll give the Klassy mini-golf a try.



"Do you like my four pink balls?"



"Does anyone have a screwdriver???"



Mmmmm.... The food is just like being back at Golden Corral.



It actually tasted like its already been through the digestive system.



We only set sailed an hour ago and we've already won our first 24 karat gold plastic shit on a stick!



The first Klassy Fruity drink has been drunk.



Let's play a game, shall we? How many words can you make out of the ridiculous floor numbering convention on the elevators?


And that's it for now! Remember, Robb will be posting these photos straight to the TPR Facebook page so be sure to "like" our page if you haven't yet to follow along!




And most importantly, POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!

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I never knew Rome was in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks for the geography lesson, Carnival!


This ship looks like it's full of amazing random "easter eggs". I almost want to take a Carnival Cruise now, especially if the ship is as empty as this one appears to be.

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Wow...the ship's decor reminds of the hotel room we stayed at in the Tropicana Hotel in Vegas (before they remodeled) a few years ago. Pleeeease tell me that they have mirrors on the ceiling above the beds too!


Are Don Johnson & Philip Michael Thomas scheduled to make an appearance at some point during this cruise?




Oh my god. You guys are totally spot on...it's like someone took Vegas' most trashy casinos and slapped them on a hull. It's absolutely hilarious!



YES!!! We're all thinking the same thing here...how deliciously ghetto this ship is!

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More from TPR's Klassy Kruise 2012! It's dinner time!


Robb had this to say about TPR's first dinner on the Carnival Ecstasy:


Our first meal on the Klassy Kruise is amazing. Seems like we are getting soups and appetizers at random. Some of us haven't gotten them at all. My lukewarm soup must have been in a can 10 minutes before it was served to me. Russel said " It's not as good as Golden Corral!" As horrible as the dining room staff is, it's actually kind of amusing!


Let's see how amusing it really is!



Carnival escargot??? Oh, man! LIKE if you want us to order some!!!



More menu options. For some reason, most things come with Klassy mac n cheese!



We did it! We ordered the escargot. It wasn't awful... For snails.



"Nothing says cruise ship dining room Klassy more than a plate of fried chicken!"



Carnival's Klassy dining room dress code... Shorts & T-Shirts! Really, the only rules were "No wifebeaters!"



This was supposed to be meat lasagna, but it was more like "A crap load of spinach lasagna." I don't think the person that made this had ever made lasagna before!



The fried chicken was "ok" - again, golden corral quality. Most of the food was served room temperature and the service was awful. It actually made for a few laughs at dinner. I think the best way to get through this meal would have been to be drunk off buckets of Coors Light!



Whatever is getting set up here, I am SURE it will be super Klassy!!!


More to come!

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Oh god......You guys are a glutton for punishment.

My first cruise was on that floating rust bucket of crap...I said I would never cruise again until I discovered RCCL.

Enjoy the delicious food and fabulous entertainment.

Good luck!

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Between the photos, the captions, and the comments on Facebook, I am laughing my @$$ off! I'm not a cruiser, so I don't know how certain ships stack up against others, but it seems incredibly surreal how such horrid quality can bring so much entertainment

BTW, I wouldn't be surprised if there used to be a "1" in front of that "3" in the elevator.

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The Hippo loves word games!


The Hippo worked on those letters for a while....


Slave, rave, raves, pea, peas, muse, ruse, leap, leaps, lap, laps, rump, rumps, plus, reap, reaps, slap, pear, pears, plum, plums, map, maps, rape, rapes, slurp, ramp, ramps, lure, lures, ream, reams, ram, rams, lame, lames, real, meal, meals, same, and the hippos favorite.....SLUM.


Hippo ended up with 41...


Have a great time on the klassy kruise!!!

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Yeah, that fried-chicken platter is a far cry from what you get on Royal Caribbean.


Is there a Waffle House on board?

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It just keeps getting better and better!



The Klassy art auction on the ship. LIKE if you would purchase this fine work of art.



Photographic proof that Jake has to pay for sex.



Now that... IS KLASSY!!!!



Is it just me or did our cabin steward make us a towel vagina?



On this Klassy Kruise we were allowed to each bring a bottle of wine... For Piers!!!



Now THIS is how you drink wine... Klassy! Plastic wine glasses... Pinkys up!



Oops! Protein spill! One too many Coors Lights!



Drinking straw wine out of a Big Gulp mug! Now that is Klassy!!!



Tonight's mystery meat is... Last nights mystery meat!!!



The buffet food was seriously awful. I think I've had better slop at the Buffalo Bills Buffet in Primm, Nevada.



Welcome to the world of Tron...



Greetings programs! Initiate light cycles game grid!



We are watching a show where they are racing to pull tissues out of a box. No, really! This is actually happening. They call this "entertainment!" Honestly, we are entertained! In the same way I'm entertained by http://www.peopleofwalmart.com, but still entertained!



Whoever asked of Liberace once owned this ship... The answer is YES!!!



No joke... We just found a condom on the floor of one of the nightclubs!


Could it possibly get more Klassy than this??? Keep tuning in to find out!

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From the looks of that "protein spill," you might want to avoid chicken pot pie if it's one the menu tomorrow. You'll know for certain if the mess is cleaned up by a cook instead of a maid.

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Klassy, very klassy indeed.


You think that they would have updated the decor sometime during the ships life. Great updates - between you all, and my husband, the commentary has me finding ways to keep breathing. Laughing so hard ... especially at the... meat. Is is really meat?

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