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  1. For just Universal Orlando Resort I would recommend the locally owned chain of KeKe's. KeKe's They have absolutely delicious breakfast and I'm sure the other Orlando locals can agree with that statement. There is one in Dr. Phillips maybe 10 minutes from Universal with traffic, but probably closer to about 7 if you don't get caught by every light. It's honestly just really good and you're not going to be paying much more than Denny's, or IHOP. It ultimately is comparable to First Watch. As far as dinner/late night Junior Colombian Burger is literally right across the street from Universal. It's just a little past Double Tree. For reference it is LITERALLY across from the McDonald's right by Universal. It has AMAZING burgers, fries and other fare. I highly recommend it and it's open really late. I don't think it closes till 4am. Junior Colombian Burger
  2. It's putting gay people out of work by not having the show. That's more anti-gay than anything in the show if you ask me.
  3. I cruised on NCL two years ago and really enjoyed it. It had it's faults, the food could have been better, but over all the service was pretty good. I found a bar that I really enjoyed with great servers who were cool with having a beer with you and just talking. The entertainment was very enjoyable for me as well, I greatly enjoyed what they did with their on-board itinerary and what they had to offer. My parents went on a Carnival Cruise more or less as a pre-cursor since they had never cruised before. They enjoyed the aspects of going to the Bahamas but both of them verbally expressed that they enjoyed their time spent on the Norwegian Jewel significantly more.
  4. I have bad news for you. It's going to be about 20 times worse when we all go on attractions together.
  5. I'll be joining this as well. Off and on member for years but I support this idea in full.
  6. I've lived in Clermont for going on 4 years and I have no desire nor will I probably ever go to the Citrus Tower. To me it's just a landmark.
  7. I can't make promises about a full fledged photo tr but I can probably through together a general photo tr.
  8. I just got of the Norwegian Jewel yesterday and although it was my first cruise I really liked them. I want to try other cruise lines out now but I liked Norwegian. The entertainment on The Jewel was good, the food was okay, but the price we got for being Fl residents was pretty good. Around $370 for 7 days. For that price the gripes I had were over look able and as I said I enjoyed the ship. As far as dining goes, as I said it's okay. The food although not bad is not great. I've had far worse food on vacation. The bar city concept is great, and for anyone cruising with people from the age of 18-20 NCL lets them drink wine and beer with parental consent and lets them gamble as well. I'll return to NCL for that reason probably over every thing else. I really like that since I'm not legally allowed to in the U.S. I really like the entertainment on board. The two comedians they had were great, and the group game shows were fun. I know other cruise lines have just as good entertainment but I was pleasantly surprised by NCL's in particular.
  9. I don't post enough to justify spending the money, I don't go on the trips, and there are not enough special events in Florida for that to benefit me either. On the other hand, if I lived in California, posted more, or went on the majority of the trips I'd probably sign up.
  10. The last time I was at Atl's Airport there was a sign just like that said and I quote "Helen Keller could only see possibilities." I couldn't stop myself from laughing hysterically.
  11. It's going to be part of a new permanent stage for special events in the Boneyard. Expect it to be used at all sorts of special events ranging from Rock The Universe to Mardi Gras.
  12. I don't have photo shop but I have a decent idea for one. Have Xenu up there. And Have "X(enu) the Scientology eXperience".
  13. -Often people visiting ask for you to play tour guide at your home park -You want a job as a tour guide at your home park and know that the class will come easier for you considering that you already know half the info -You have ever dreamed of working for B&M -When you found out you were moving to Orlando you were more excited about getting an AP to Universal than the great weather -On the day you planned to go to an Orlando park you find out there is a massive traffic on I-4 but suck it up and drive there anyways because you have to get your fix -You go to the thrift store just to see if they have shirts from the parks on sale -You have successfully found a shirt for less than 3 bucks of one of your favorite rides at the thrift store -You keep shirts from you 1st theme park visit and still have them
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