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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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Did KMG have models or concept art for the other new rides they debuted this year?


Also, that GCI big fun concept seems l ike it is going to be a HUGE hit! Small parks/family fun centers can now get a super cheap big ticket ride!


Great coverage guys!

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Ok, Robb is grabbing some food and on his way back to start getting the videos up!


I have gone through the entire thread and made a list of pictures and questions to do tomorrow at the show! Any other requests or info just post and I'll see what we can do!

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Big Fun looks like a potential winner for GCI--quite a boon for smaller parks who need a big attraction on a budget.


Thanks for the coverage, Robb and Elissa. I'm looking forward to the videos.

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Outstanding coverage again, TPR IAAPA crew... looking good all around.


The new Spin N' Spews are looking nauseating as usual- including that thing from KMG that has "F&$K no way" written all over it (It is NOT a QR approved ride concept...) and some of the new waterslides make me want to venture into some of these parks.

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More photos!



Robb Alvey hanging out with Walter Bolliger.



Fishpipe... aka crazy-ass ride by the people who invented zorbing!



"Yes, that's right... I'm panning for gold!"



Hey look! It's Shane of Shane's Amusement Attic and Cowabunga Bay!



Would you believe there is even new technology for Ropes Courses?



No more "clang! clang! clang! clang!"



Another shot of the REALLY SEXY Green Lantern car at S&S.



Audio on or off?






Audio system, I'm assuming?



Some familiar looking footage being shown off at the GCI booth!



And TPR footage at The Gravity Group as well!



Angry Birds... ACEr sized!!!

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Just got back from an amazing day at IAAPA. It was such an amazing experience getting to meet representatives from all of the major companies. Definitely the most educational experience of my life. I will never forget this day


On the other hand, my dad will never forget taking a picture with miss Germany in front of mantas SEXYY car.

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How about some more photos?



First there was mini-donuts...now mini pancakes! YUM!



Zipline POV!!!



Ran into Dave Cobb from Thinkwell. We became blood brothers. It was awesome!



So many inflatables.....



Go Vekoma!!!



Hard to see in this picture, but this crazy kids inflatable obstacle course was insanely cool!



Gravity Group indoor themed woodie concept includes... SHARKS!!!!



Another look at S&S's MiniHu kids ride. Seriously good fun!



One of these things is hot...one is not. I'll let you figure it out.



I found A.J.! Now all the TPR games forums kids know who to put on their kill list!



I went around the show strangling random people. It was fun!

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