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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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A couple of quick notes...


- The S&S Mini-Hu was really fun! Kind of like a combo Tea Cup/Frog Hopper. I predict it will be KT's new favorite ride!

- The GCI Model of the Europa Park coaster that Chris created is incredible close up. We've got some great photos and video of some hidden easter eggs in it too!

- Lo-Q is doing really well and has some super exciting stuff to announce soon! We'd tell you, but we were sworn to secrecy...as Robb would say; GET EXCITED!

- Zierer is really excited about their upcoming projects and doing 'bigger' stuff. Hope to see them succeed!

- The Mack Manta car is SOOOO SEXY!!! It looks amazing.

- China High-Five Woodie still scares me! But it's supposed to start testing real soon!

- The giant Flow Rider can accommodate four riders at once with dividers or can be used as one giant wave for more advanced users or competitions. It's ready to be installed, just need someone to buy it!

- The S&S Green Lantern car looked 'real'. Like, it looked much more substantial and real compared to the other El Loco coasters. Hopefully it rides well!

- Perfectly mixed Coke is DELISH!!!!!

- Dippin Dots' new flavor was 'Rocky Road'...commentary on their situation perhaps?!!?


I can try to answer other random questions if you have any as I left early to pick up KT from school. Please note we did not go around and bother manufacturers with questions about specific stuff or stuff that isn't really announced so I can't answer stuff like that!

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How about a few more IAAPA photos???



Gravity Group is showing off SplinterFx.



It features a shark, so it must be cool!



Robb and Chad Miller from the Gravity Group!



The Twister Twins make their IAAPA debut!


Keep checking back for more photos! And remember to POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!!

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^IB has an old dark ride that was retrofitted into a coaster (Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain)--Splinter FX looks looks like Gravity Group has decided to run with the idea.

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Such IAAPA goodness, I feel so lucky to have you guys there giving us the inside view. Love the pics, and can't wait to see the all the interviews and inside scoops you can share. Very excited. If there is any info about any American purchases of the newest KMG rides, I'd be all ears, though that is usually kept pretty secret. I wonder if Mondial showed any info about Artistico, their version of a KMG XXL.


I have to say I got extra jealous when Elissa mentioned perfectly mixed Coke, my Holy Grail of soft drinks. Why is it so hard to find?

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More updates! Rocky Mountain Coasters, ProSlide and MORE!!



Rocky Mountain Coasters say that 2013 will be a very big year for them!



In 2013, Rocky Mountain Coasters will have new installations, re-track projects, and also enter the wood coaster train race!



Robb Alvey and Alan Shilke hanging out at IAAPA!



Robb hanging out with our Grona Lund friends!



The new Mammoth at Holiday World! Hmm... We see two different types of rafts on this slide!



Robb Alvey and ProSlide's Rick Hunter hanging out in Holiday World's Mammoth raft!



A new train, maybe, from PTC?



Wow! She sure is pretty!!! (Talking about that sexy train, of course!)


Keep checking back for more! And remember, Robb is posting these photos to the TPR Facebook page first so be sure to "like" the page to see these photos as soon as they are posted!



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^^ It does cost money to go to this.


I think if 2013 is full of amazing successes such as NTAG, Rocky Mountain Coasters will jet straight to the top, I think we could see some RMC fanboys/girls. I can't wait to see what they are doing, they are brilliant. The rehab in steel idea is just so original and awesome!


Reading this made me wish I could have been at The Euro Attractions Show (because I had free tickets), but I was at school .

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Lo-q on your iphone? Really? This solves basically every single problem anyone has ever had with lo-q's old system (Like parks dealing with loss mitigation, or teenagers who aren't allowed to rent because they don't have a season pass/id/credit card). If I owned Lo-q I'd also use this system for targeted offers or personalized experiences. So much potential here. Is there any information on which parks are ready to implement or what additional features the system will have?



Edited to say : I just made it through the thread. I guess Robb & Elissa's lips are sealed regarding everything above.


-That gravity group enclosed wooden coaster looks crazy. Does an enclosed wooden coaster exist anywhere in the world?


-Random thought, but I think proslide may be the most forward thinking amusment/ride vendor in the industry. Every year, they have multiple new concepts ready to sell. Props to the team at proslide.

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A few answers...


- Intamin did NOT have any trains or cars on site for Sky Rush or any ride.

- The Big Fun concept from GCI is an awesome deal. Basically $3 Million gets you a kick ass compact coaster with EVERYTHING included. All the park/operator needs to do is a build a path up to it. The guys seemed really excited about this.

- Yes it costs money to attend the show, and really you should have a reason to go.

- The park and manufacturer are both responsible for the design of the cars. I'm sure Sea World had a very particular idea of what they wanted for the Manta trains and the Mack guys fabricated an AMAZING looking car. I looked and did not see the pulse monitors or any onboard audio on the new Manta car.

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