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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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So, with mammoth... Is the idea that they could switch out rafts to increase capasity depening on how heavy crowds are that day? The only issue I see with running multiple styles of rafts on the same circuit is patrons battleing for their desired raft.


IAAPA looks like a lot of fun, and also a lot of work. Thanks for the great coverage and I hope you guys are enjoying the show!

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Ready for Day 2 coverage? Well here you go!!!


And remember, Robb is posting these photos live to the TPR Facebook Page so "like" the page if you haven't yet!





IAAPA Day Two Coverage starts now!



Wisdom Rides gets the epilepsy booth award of the show!



The secret is out Elissa is an Alan Shilke fangirl!



It's the killer robot fish!



It's not too early for a breakfast pretzel, right?



Want a haunted house design? You can get them at IAAPA!



You can get the house, the maze layout... Everything!




Keep checking back for more photos and remember to POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!

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Day 2 continues!



It's already better than World of Color!



More haunt animatronics!



And this velociraptor could be yours for just eight thousand bucks!



Lock and load, bitches!



The ACE booth.



I get 3D and 4D... But WTF is 9D????



The Kuka arm was sculpting a Kuka arm.



It was an attack of the singing chickens!!!

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Kuka arm sculpting Kuka arm... so meta it's making my head explode.


"ACE booth" caption in strong lead for funniest so far. LOL'd very hard.


"Big Fun" concept in strong lead for awardiest so far. Wanting very hard.


Haven't watched the videos yet, but IT'S ALL GOLD. Muchas gracias!

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How I miss going ti IAAPA.


So you've been by my buddy Leonard's booth, haunterpenuers.


If you get the chance stop in and say hello to the guys at Froggy's Fog, and Dark Lights , and any of my other haunted house pals.


Love the up dates you guys, thank you!


Ed Roberts,





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More updates!



Ok, this might actually be the creepiest thing at the show!



More dark ride and haunt vendors.



The show isn't going so well for this guy.



Tons of stuff like this all over IAAPA.



Good thing I have $750 on me!



Why yes that is Adam and Jake in a giant wet ball.



This looked like some sort of perverted sex act but was really quite fun and awesome!!! And yes, Jake is doing some sort of man split!



Here's Adam the moment he ate shit in the Fishpipe!



His nose Wiggles and vibrates and is beyond creepy!!!


Keep checking back for more photos!

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Lo-q on your iphone? Really? This solves basically every single problem anyone has ever had with lo-q's old system (Like parks dealing with loss mitigation, or teenagers who aren't allowed to rent because they don't have a season pass/id/credit card). If I owned Lo-q I'd also use this system for targeted offers or personalized experiences. So much potential here. Is there any information on which parks are ready to implement or what additional features the system will have?


It also introduces one major new one; international users who can't use the system without paying a small fortune in data roaming costs.

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More from Day 2 at IAAPA 2011!



Here's the Jake & Adam "before" picture.



Here are the boys IN the Fishpipe.



And the "after" picture!



Red Velvet funnel cake???



Our friends at Amusement Today!



Some products from Mondial.



Mondial hints at something "new."



Yay! We found Rick & Johanna from Theme Park Adventure!


Keep checking back for more photos! And remember to "like" the TPR Facebook page if you haven't already, as Robb is posting photos live to the page!



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The Kuka robot arm photo made my day. I wonder how many IAAPAs will take place before we see a Kuka arm building another kuka arm.


Does the 8 grand velociraptor move at all? I'm assuming for that price it doesn't . If it's an actual animatronic, then I'm selling a kidney and putting that in my living room.

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