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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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A couple of notes from the show today so far...


- It was a moving animatronic Velociraptor Chris!

- Heard some Disney imagineers this morning before the show...one from Florida and one from SoCal. The SoCal one didn't even know what Lights Motors Action was, oh and they went to dinner with Vekoma last night at a restaurant down the street from our house!

- There's a strong rumor floating around that GCI has already sold a Big Fun, and well, I can't spill all the details I heard from the Mini Melts guy!

- Yes, I'm an Alan Schilke fan girl!

- I killed Adam, Jake, and everyone but the 12 year old boys in the newest incarnation of the Laser Challenge.

- I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard watching Jake and Adam in the Fish Pipe. Just wait till Robb puts the video up, it's HORRIFYING!!!!

- Oh, and we've picked up SOOOO many goodies from the show floor! Make sure you participate in the contests to win your very own IAAPA Bag of Crap!!!! I think there's one on Facebook right now if you share the video!

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The Big Fun coaster looks great! I could see that fitting in perfectly at a ton of parks, almost like GCI's version of the wooden warrior junior coaster. Can't wait to see where one of those gets built. I wonder if that is a standard model that GCI is going to clone at multiple locations or if they have other designs for custom compact junior coasters. Great coverage of the show so far.


Just curious, what restaurant did the Imagineers and Vekoma dine at last night?

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Even more photos!



I love seeing my footage of one of my favourite coasters on display at my favourite ride manufacturer.



Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman!!!



We'll be riding the WhiteWater AquaDuck on the Disney Fantasy next October!



It's the Zamperla booth!



Horses, motorbikes, whatever the theme, Zamperla can make it!



Zamperla loves TPR!!!



Remember those cool Japanese ride-on Panda things? Yup, they are here too!



Some ride pictures from KMG.



Elissa is going to try her luck at the lazer maze!



And this is the exact point in which Elissa failed at the lazer maze!



More TPR footage on the IAAPA show floor!



These guys used to be our neighbors in Valencia!



Would you please place your loose articles in this fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo.



Water ride model for the Trans Studio Park in Indonesia.



Speaking of Trans Studio, Premier Rides did a GREAT job theming their new coaster!



Robb Alvey with Jim Seay of Premier Rides.


And that's it for Day 2! Keep checking back for more awesome coverage and of course more videos!

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Fantastic updates!


A question that I think a lot of people have been wondering re: Europa's new GCI is whether the ride will/will not have seat belts fitted? No coasters at the park have belts, and with EP's general throughput record I can't see them being too happy with them.


Any ideas? Not sure if you had the chance to ask such questions to GCI.


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I absolutely LOVED the SkyTrail ropes course they had at the show! It's so much fun!


I have never felt so much peer pressure in my life - Robb, and all of my group pressured me about doing the Moser Gyro Loop. Sorry guys, I will not become motion sick for your entertainment! No matter how many you-know-whats you'll give me!


Hanno was cool about it though. Thanks for your support!

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Do you guys no longer life in California? I know it's off topic, but I just assume you're really closely associated with SFMM....maybe a work relocation?


In any case, great pictures - are you guys capturing stills from your videos or taking pics in addition?


We're taking high res pictures, iPhone pictures, and video.


We moved to Orlando, we were close in proximity to SFMM, that's about it!

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I'm looking forward to watching part 2 of the video tonight, as it covers the new Zierer--a subject I'm very curious about.


And now I'm looking forward to the "Year of Zierer"! More manufacturers making big rides is a good thing.

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This looks like an amazing show. I wish I could be there. I'd really like to meet the people at the companies behind all of the awesome rides that we have. Also, I saw the Facebook post, and I want that IAAPA Bag-Of-Crap!

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Very interested in what S&S has brought to the show this year. The GL car looks like quite and a step up from the SH, MJ, and TD cars, and the mini-hu, despite being designed for kids looks like it's really fun for older rides too! Because this is the "mini" hu, maybe the have a full sized version or just plain "Hu" in development geared more towards a thrill ride with greater capacity?


This has got to be my favorite photo so far though.



I loved just watching a robot carve a picture into a piece of wood, I'm sure this is amazing to see in person.

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From what I've seen, this year's show is a bit more interesting than last years--all sorts of great projects and new products for 2012, especially from ProSlide, S&S, GCI (Big Fun is a great idea), and Zierer.

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