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  1. Looks like an awesome ride that will fit well in to the timeline. You went a little bit overload on the signage though, and I'd also change that "DNA" twist. Looks very painful especially if it's taken at a high speed.
  2. Close up of the Skyrush trains thanks to Hershey Park's facebook page.
  3. Looking very good, I can't wait to see what rides you add next! Your work is so magnificent!
  4. How can you say that? We've seen less then 10 pictures from him and there are no rides yet. Give him time.
  5. Really like where you're going with this park. Could we see a gigantic woodie in the future? Hmm...
  6. Not sure if this is a stupid question or not, but will there be a Leviathon event at CW available separate from the whole trip?
  7. Still looking really good! I hope you keep this going, one of the best parks on TPR.
  8. ^ Agreed. That's one of the smoothest Intamin layouts I've ever seen.
  9. I don't like your Strata Coaster. It just doesn't work with the small park feel. The rest looks really great though, I love the Wild Mouse!
  10. David, Your parks never seem to dissapoint. I hope you can keep this one going, as I'm a huge fan of your projects.
  11. This looks mostly like NCS. What CS sets will you be using? Just curious.
  12. No doubt in my mind that is the best B&M layout I've ever seen on RCT3. So smooth, I can't wait to see how it runs on video!
  13. I think a Zacpspin in Iron Wolf spot named Z-Force 2 or even just Z-Force would be sweet. Sort of similar rides and would be a nice tribute. But I'd rather get a GCI themed to Yukon Territory.
  14. Sort of weird to see its station, but no Iron Wolf in this picture.
  15. Not going back for a while now. One of the best rides there, with no line ever. Hope it finds a nice home. RIP
  16. I checked on SFSC every day. I know you wont disappoint. Looks great so far!
  17. Wouldn't be a IAAPA update without Robb saying the words "new hotness."
  18. I love the barn themed coaster. Looks awesome so far!
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