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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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We've finished our "complete IAAPA 2011" coverage!


- 300 photos!

- 90 minutes of video!

- Best coverage anywhere on the internet!


Check it out here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=189&linkid=11285



IAAPA Video #1 Posted! Intamin, Gravity Group, S&S, and MORE!


IAAPA Video #2 Posted! GCI, Gerstlauer, ProSlide, and MORE!


IAAPA Video #3 Posted! Rocky Mountain Coasters, Mack Rides, Martin & Vleminickx, Sally Corporation, and MORE!


IAAPA Video #4 Posted! B&M, Fishpipe Water Ride, Zamperla, and MORE!


IAAPA Video #5 Posted! Premier Rides, RGH Entertainment, Lo-Q, and MORE!


IAAPA Video #6 Posted! Vekoma, Maurer Söhne, WhiteWater, and MORE!

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And more coverage!


We're going to be seeing a lot more of these!


Giant photo of Krake!


Posh Ferris Wheel car from Fabbri.


Awesome model of the crazy Ferrari World racing dueling Maurer coaster.


Something from ProSlide at IAAPA. Maybe for Holiday World? ;)


Bayern Park model. Awesome park and love this model of X-Car coasters.


Proslide always delivers some wet fun.

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It's that magical time of year again: IAAPA! Thanksgiving! Christmas! Is that the "high five" element in the photo behind Elissa? I love the comfy chairs and cupholders in the Ferris Wheel gondola. (The next innovation will probably be gondolas with pole dancers.)

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More photos!


Here's where you'll see new Proslide stuff in 2012!


Wow so this new Mirabilandia ride from Preston & Barbieri looks pretty cool!


A list of ProSlide Hydro Coasters for 2012.


Mondial has a ton of rides that are not "Elissa Friendly"!


Robb gets the Mondial scoop while sitting in a Windseeker car!


5D > 4D Add in a lower case i and I smell a winner!!


Speaking of non Elissa Friendly rides we've arrived at the KMG Booth!


Robb talks with ETF about some of their trackless ride systems.



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And even more coverage from the show floor!


Tom Burnet, CEO of Lo-Q, shows Robb a demo of their new water park product. Expect to see this next year at water parks around the globe.


Lo-Q M&M's!! Is there anything this company does that isn't AWESOME?!?


Lo-Q on your iPhone!!! I'm spent!!


We are big supporters of Waveloch and their Flowrider products!

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That new Flowrider looks like an amphitheatre. I wonder how many riders it can accomodate. Perhaps the next step is some sort of Flowrider "arena." They could call it "Thunderdome" or "Thunderflow."

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