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  1. Which is also a good thing. Iv'e always said CP and HP share similar qualities.
  2. Yeah, I deff agree. It originally was in Founders Circle, way back when! But I think it works well(in theme) in the area. I'm happy. One of the many things I love about HP, they HATE taking out rides(especially flats and coasters) Instead of scrapping Tilt for Skyrush, they made room elsewhere in the park to do it. Hey, it all works.
  3. Tilt-A-Whirl is going into Founders Circle. And that's almost a 100% layout of Skyrush, it actually goes a bit down further the creek, but, yes, the station and queue provide a basic understanding where it is(Like I said in my previous post)
  4. The station is where Tilt-A-Whirl was, and the queue is where the bathrooms used to be(and a bit closer to Looper) In simplest terms.
  5. Seeing Skyrush in person many times, it is definitely 85*. No doubt about it.
  6. That pic that I have up, the track closest to the camera is coming out of the Stengel Dive.
  7. I agree. It does reach an 85* angle. The entire way? No, obviously.
  8. It's not. Seeing it in person you can definitely see the point where it drops 85*
  9. Oh, yes. From that angle they are MUCH different. Thank you for posting that.
  10. That looks like a really fun ride. I think it will be a good addition to Ocean Oasis'. Being at the park many times, I plan on returning back in 2012. I'll definitely be going on Wipout. Hopefully construction pictures will be posted somewhere soon.
  11. Iv'e never been on a Windseeker. Hopefully i'll make it to one of the parks that have one this year. I'm excited seeing this one go vertical!
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