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  1. I am liking this a lot. I've heard of West Coast Customs via various Youtubers getting wraps on their high end cars.The idea of having such a local company aspect tied to the new coaster is really interesting and fitting with the car theme. Plus, it looks like a fun coaster, taking some of the ideas from Twisted Colossus and Full Throttle, then ramping them up to be the whole coaster. Now that my little cousin is finally ready to go to Magic Mountain, I'll be able to check this out sooner rather than later.
  2. No surprise at a surfing theme for the Boardwalk. I get that Hangtime sounds like it fits, and probably will end up the name. But, that other trademarked name, The Ledge would work as well. "Breaking the ledge" is an actual surfing term, a reference to part of a wave. It's probably a bit esoteric for the general public, but, we shall see.
  3. Ninja Sex Party with TWRP at the El Rey in LA. Both are pretty comic bands, with an 80's vibe. They also grew and developed thanks to Youtube. NSP is a side project from the Game Grumps. It's a great group of people, and the fans are so nice to be around. We are all just a bunch of geeks.
  4. It has been a very long time since I logged in. This caught my eye, and I just had to. I will say, life didn't just go off the rails, it steamrolled over my family in a very bad way, for a very long time. Basically, I took care of my mom, as she fought cancer for several years. So, rough times. I did go on a TPR trip long ago. I don't even want to think how many years it has been. The memories of that, helped keep me going during the hardest of times. The videos you guys put in the meantime, were perfect bite size distractions, when needed. I felt connected to an outside world I couldn't be part of. So, I still watched and kept up to some extent on TPR. I have to say that seeing where this site has gone in that time has been quite something, even inspiring. Hard work does pay off. Having strong positive influences around you, friends, professionals, content, can make a difference in how you try to improve your own life. You get energy from that. I do follow quite a few Youtubers and such, now, and it's the same, long hours dedicated to making their viewers happy. We see only the final product. Most don't consider what goes on behind it, to bring it to life. Even a "simple" onride video. You need the right footage which takes time, then the editing, then processing, where you hope nothing goes wrong. Plus, the business of it all, and keeping up with all the social media platforms. Then there is the TPR events. Imagine doing all that, while trying to handle 50 or a 100 people on a trip. I remember my trip and while a group of us were just hanging out, having a few drinks, Robb was trying to upload content to the site. This wasn't even a full scale kind of trip. It was supposed to be more of a small scale personal thing, that kind of grew. Yet, there he was, still showing his passion for all this, to share with his community, something special. The trip went flawlessly, thanks to him and Elissa. I never had to worry about the process, only about what fun thing is next. I've heard of the bad apples, and have, of course, seen how much worse things can get thanks to the Internet. We've all seen the unnecessary, and ugly attacks over nothing. I see people looking to others just to get something out of them. I see the insane amount of entitlement. One channel is taking their first vacation in 9 years. They do insanely creative work and will get back to it after. Yet, some of their viewers savaged them instantly, for doing what is right for their own sanity. How must that person feel? Exactly what Robb has been talking about for years. It's hard to just ignore any of that. We are all human. When you put effort into something, when you put yourself out there beyond what the average person does, you need and deserve to be respected. A person's behavior on a trip, and how honest they are, after, is an indicator of that. Doing what's right, and common sense. These are qualities that seem to go missing more and more every day. Trips got bad back then. Imagine how much worse it would be, today. The ways of the internet have just accelerated that devolution, and people carry it into the real world so much. I was saddened when they stopped, but, the longer it has been, the more obvious it was the right thing. You don't set yourself on fire, to keep other people warm, especially when that person has thrown away their own blanket. I'm glad I got my trip to Germany in. And, in a couple of years, I will take my cousin on a similar trip, so that, he has those kind of good memories and experiences I had. That one trip, will keep being a benefit for years to come.
  5. Wootstout 2.0 Very Strong, 13.5%, but very rich flavor, really good.
  6. Yeah, Back Alley, that can go in so many directions, in thought, whimsical isn't one of them. Still, the area definitely needs a renovation, that will be very welcome.
  7. I do very much like this. This has so much of the iconic look and feel of Colossus, vastly updated to provide a fun, updated, exciting ride. So many coasters have track that crisscross in structure, and images and ads emphasize it, but the reality is that two trains never cross in that way. Keeping the tracks separate and having long form inversions right over the other track is such a cool effect. Hopefully, they can maintain that kind of operation. Well done.
  8. Hmm, I was just checking out the SkyVue webcam and things seemed to have changed a bit. It had been looking pretty forlorn, with some ragged tarps just blowing in the wind. Now the tarps are gone and it looks (it is night) like there is a crane on site, now. Anyone hear of any new developments?
  9. I voted for Option 1. I really do like having a Twitter feed, just, right there. I've seen it on more and more sites, lately. While I am sure the main page will be updated as quickly as necessary. Tweets tend to be an even faster, and simpler way of giving notice of anything immediately noteworthy. A quick glance at the feed and, boom, I am up to date. I, also, like the way that the feed helps frame and anchor the main image window. Option 2, on my monitor, has the huge main image, and nothing more. It looks fine, but, for me, having that floating there, makes it feel incomplete and too simple. The Twitter feed adds context to the images, and brings me more into what the site is all about, fresh and up to the minute information about theme parks and attractions around the world. At the same time, the window is large enough to really be able to appreciate what is being shown. Just my opinion, Whatever is chosen, I am sure, will work just fine.
  10. I agree with you about Skyvue's location way down south.. You pique my curiosity with that comment about Skyvue. As for High Roller's location, actual experience on the wheel will provide that answer. Though the points being made are certainly valid. Being that high up, broadens the possibilities of the view, no matter where it stands; plus, with the economy improving, who knows where and what will provide the new center of growth in Vegas. It seems a new spurt has begun and the Linq is a major start to that. With the former Echelon spot getting ready to restart construction, with a Chinese inspiration, plus the new Sahara, and the other project between New York New York and Monte Carlo there will soon be some very interesting new things to check out, which should only encourage more again.
  11. I loved American Hustle, as well. I was a bit worried that it might get lost behind "Look at me, it's the 70's, laugh at the bad fashion" vibe I was getting initially. Funny enough, that aspect was handled very well, throw it in your face then let the characters stand for themselves. By the end, you don't see the fashion, you only see well developed characters who you've seen grow and change. I was also worried at first that the pace might be a bit slow, but, the dialog draws you into the characters. It is only when they are well developed that the story really kicks into gear, which elevates your investment into what happens, just like a good movie should. The acting is very good all around. Amy Adams is just amazing, Christian Bale is so far away from Batman, another one of his transformations. So, American Hustle is a well written, "adult" movie with well developed characters, moments of fun, and some strong scenes of character development.
  12. ^Really nice looking wheel there. I just wish it was more one the strip itself, but, at least it got built. It's sad that the Skyvue project still has a live webcam up, looking at the same dead construction site all these months. They should probably just turn it off.
  13. I put up simple decorations, our main deal is pumpkins. Every year 12 or more pumpkins, I usually use those patterns but I always make up some on my own or just get an idea from something around. The past few years my mom has carved half of them, though, this year, due to illness, I don't think she will be able to do much, so it will be up to me. Here's some examples, using the multi uploader: I thought this wouldn't take that long, 4 hours later... Why not?
  14. Took a moment for myself today, and checked out Gravity in 3d. Blown Away. Visuals obviously incredible. Definitely somewhat disorienting at times, matching to some extent, what the characters are going through. I think done in a way that rides that line, just when things start to push, the director pulls back and stabilizes the shot by switching the perspective, then back again. This is no Cloverfield. For example, non spoiler territory, you have a nice shot of earth, like you would see in any other movie, but then it just envelopes you as if you were an astronaut and it is unsteady, I started to get the feeling of being in one of those rotating tunnels in a haunt maze, somewhat, but, then the shot changes. I could hear the older ladies sitting near me do a "woah" kind of reaction, which was funny. Going close up to the actors faces was usually how that feeling was moderated, where the extreme action was still going on, but you had a focus. Anyways, very intense and fast paced, yet, with room for significant quiet moments-- very strong acting, a bit strong on the symbolic stuff for me, but I can let that go. One of the ladies next to me said, "I'm never going to complain about things going wrong in my life again." Well, that, and the movie should be Best Picture. I definitely loved the movie, too. I usually love SciFi anway, but this was special.
  15. All I know is that, I couldn't remember the name "Full Throttle after 3 days of trying. I had to look it up. I only think of it as YOLOcoaster.
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