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  1. Anyone know how crowded the park should be tomorrow? Heard it was dead last weekend, hoping it's the same tomorrow.
  2. Please god don't let Six Flags buy Seaworld. I cant bear thinking about what they could do to those parks.
  3. I just changed Star Jet's status in Coaster Counter to closed.
  4. I think my first B&M was Medusa/Bizarro at SFGAdv. I could be wrong, I don't really remember.
  5. Interesting, I re-rode Griffon even with people in my row. Maybe it was some sort of fluke occorance and will never happen again.
  6. Haha, the sad thing is that although my school system is apparently really good, I could totally see my English teacher doing the same thing. I'm sure that goes for quite a few other people too.
  7. Kings Island should rent a fleet of wood chippers and grind the whole ride down to sawdust, then have a huge bonfire fueled by the sawdust, and then take the ashes from the bonfire and dump them into a volcano.
  8. The ride's entrance will be behind the Northern Star Arena and will connect to the safari in what is now the tiger section. They are going to make use of some backstage area's so they won't have to cut many trees down.
  9. They actually own much much more land than that. There are Six flags POSTED signs at the edged of the woods all the way to route 195 (if you pay attention you will notice them). I believe this is because the park has to buy an acre of undeveloped land for every acre of tree's they cut down. At least that's what I heard, correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. No, I'm pretty sure none of the people interviewed (except Robb) were REAL coaster enthusiasts. None of those people had any idea what they were talking about, especially the kid who said Medusa is the best coaster in the country. I'm still shocked by that statement.....
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