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You Might Be A Coaster Nerd If....

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If you have amusement park apps on your phone and look at wait times when you're bored.

Btw Storm Runner is a five minute wait atm


YES! I have the Disneyland and Disney World apps and will check them and be like, "Aw, just 10 minutes for Indiana Jones. Wish I was there."

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You watch mostly youtube videos to do with coasters and amusement parks. You get disappointed when your local FEC lacks actual amusement park rides that arnt just go-karts bumper boats or coin operated kiddie rides. You also wish your local zoos had amusement rides(because many zoos through out the country have even coasters) other then the merry-go-round and choo-choo. Go to the nearest shady redneck carnival if it has more then just kiddie rides. Draw pics of a roller coaster in the grease stains on your paper plate with your fork while eating.(i know weird lol) and doing the same with condensation on the windows.

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