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  1. This made me come back to the forums. DAMN Liseberg keeps delivering! The park keeps surprising me what they can do with their small area. Helix, Balder and now Valkyria. That's a great coaster lineup (and then we even forget about the classic Lisebergsbanan that still delivers a enjoyable experience). It's sad the parks area is small. Kanonen is still a fun ride even tho it can't compare to Balder and Helix. In another (small) park Kanonen would be a top ride for sure.
  2. Slem is right. I think that the ride will be built but there are no way of knowing at this time. The local politics and park really f*cked it up this time. It's so basic to make sure you actually are allowed to build before you start it.
  3. ^ The new express pass for season pass holders is a real bargain - 80 € for the whole seasons is just crazy cheap!
  4. What? The resturants inside the park is resturants. Is it even possible to argue on that? Resturants should always serve food that matches the pricing. I dont mind paying a little extra because its a resturant inside a park but then I expect the food to be decent. There are parks offering great food.
  5. I have to comment that video. Looks like a creation of the early 90's. With that said, I am REALLY looking forward to riding this in August when me and the gf (will be wife then) will go to italy for our hooneymoon.
  6. Got stuck about 15 minutes at Insane at Gröna Lund. Our car was just an inch from the station so it was fine for me.
  7. Absolutely: Liseberg Gröna Lund Gardaland (first time) Mirabilandia (first time) Probably: Holiday Park Tripsdril Europa Park
  8. I was on The Swarm last year and I have to say that I liked Flug der Daemonen alot more. I just liked the inversions and how close it was to the queques (The Swarm is pretty close aswell). Next year im gonna do Raptor at Gardaland aswell I love winged coasters.
  9. I miss Flug der Daemonen (Heide Park) on that list. Only went on helix and that one. Both were great but Helix is my winner.
  10. Another teaser, including some clues, posted on Lisebergs official facebook. Text in the video is in swedish but I will translate it for you: "From the past" "one force" "never experienced before" "are you brave enough?"
  11. They just confimred that it wil be a attraction for thrillseekers.
  12. According to a chat with Liseberg on their facebook page they will release alot more information about the new attraction October 16th.
  13. The sign says "here are we buildning a new big attraction".
  14. Depends. Hands up if it isnt a rough coaster or if it's not otsr. Hands upp with otsr feels like elbowing the people next to me.
  15. ^ maybe we got unlucky, I don't know and it's not worth re-riding to find out, haha.
  16. Interesting.... I definitely agree about Coaster Express but I don't think that Furius Baco is among the roughest at all. Sure it is pretty rough but I've ridden many worse ones in that department. In which seat did you ride? As to Stampida, I'm beginning to thin that I'm the odd one out as I seem to be the only person here who got a non-rough ride and enjoyed it a lot. It wasn't smooth, but not that shaky either. I rode Furius Baco in a middle row at the right side (outer seat). When I rode it it was the roughest coaster I've been on (had not yet ridden Coaster Express). The acceleration was fine but then it was just 20 seconds of headbangning. I did not enjoy it at all and I would never re-ride until I read they fixed it. Stampida was shaky and slammed me from side to side. Not headbangning as furius baco and it can't really compare to Coaster Express. It did give my gf some bruises on her legs aswell. I did manage to re-ride to get both sides, both hurted but, as said, not close to Baco or Coaster Express.
  17. Stunt fall @ Port Aventura. Will be my last one for the year.
  18. 1. Coaster express @ Parque Warner, Madrid 2. Furius Baco @ Port Aventura, Solou 3. Stampida @ Port Aventura, Solou
  19. Have to say my 2nd ride on Colossos at Thorpe park. Our first ride was in the middle of the train and it was actually pretty smooth. The 2nd ride was in the back and damn I regret reriding. Both me and the gf got a bad headache for few hours.
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