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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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How exactly will this be a roller coaster? There is no room for upstop wheels to keep the train from flying off (as seen in several close ups of the drop). I'm right with you australianalex. Also, am I the only one who thinks this ride is an eye sore?
The center bar on the track will serve as an upstop.

You`re right that the center bar will serve as upstop on the first drop... but if you look closely on the photos you can recognize that the last part of the track seems like it has another part of track installed, which looks more like the one from the Mack Watercoaster... So i think they will change the track after the drop,because the center bar looks to small to work for strong forces in curves... it will be enough for the first drop but i think it won't work for the rest of the track! but maybe i am wrong


if you don´t know what i mean look on the last piece of track on this photo... the track seems to have some extra rails on both sides... and like we know from the mack watercoaster, it is easy to fade-in the extra track, even during driving

compared Mack watercoaster track it looks nearly the same(track in the backround of this pic), but a little bit different in the way it is built, maybe to get no problems with patents:

and this will look a little bit more like the track we've seen on the artworks... even if it is not exactly the same (i know, they are just a artworks)

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Mirabilandia has posted tons of new photos to their blog!




Walking through the avenues of pre Christmas Mirabilandia these days is very impressive. Mainly due to the presence of a new, colorful, imposing figure who looms in the sky Wonderland. Here are some photos that we are sure will be welcomed by fans of the Park.




The clear blue sky, the lonely roads awaiting visitors, nature as the only spectator. Divertical grows into, day after day, more and more part of the landscape of Mirabilandia. We took some pictures around the park to help you understand what Divertical entered is already "overwhelmingly" in Mirabilandia.




Last roundup of photographs taken from different angles along the paths of Mirabilandia. Obviously the subject is always highly anticipated Divertical. From these pictures it is evident that the arrival of Divertical will significantly change the face of Mirabilandia. Changing for the better right?

















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My reaction:




But truly this is so surprising to me. What a treat! I'm glad Intamin is finding a better way to use the skim effect on these rides. And most of all, what a unique addition to mira!

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Wow...hard to believe...but that`s EXACTLY what came into my mind when I saw the layout first...that make`s three thinking the same thing.


Unfortunately I still have no idea what that means...

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Sorry... I must disappoint you


This layout is a fan made recreation that was posted on theparks.it nothing official...


google translator text:




I tried to do a layout based on this concept of Mira, made ​​for RCT3 and then export it for a project if there is a desire we hope!




What do you think?

If you really with these Intamin Hyper v 2.0 Splash, make layouts like this with camelback curve and of course they know how to do better, you can say in my personal opinion that ultimately would not be at all a pack of coasters! Although now with all these new Hyper under construction on other parks, packed with the Eurofighter and drop various inversions, and so on and so forth, is not very exciting compared Divertical! But I trust in Intamin and images are always so far I hope! A month between the BIT should also reveal complete layout and announce to the press right? In the meantime maybe we can still count some image mirathebest!


Real surce

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Although seemingly everything is quiet, works for the realization of our beloved Divertical shall regularly. Here are some pictures, new and very close together, the shipyard. Most of the attention will discover interesting details.





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