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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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^Ha... neither do I. Must've locked it overnight (and good riddance, I say).


Basically it was pointless infighting over the premature soft opening of Spaceship Earth. 7 pages complaining about why SSE now sucks because of the black curtains everywhere for the backwards-descent portion of the ride (even though the rest of the ride is supposedly a phenomenal improvement).


Keep in mind that it's still 2 months to official opening and stuff could still change. I don't think it will, but it could.

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I'm so freakin' angry at my school.


Okay, so I got gold renaissance, and as a reward, I got a page of 'coupons' that we could use on certain dates of the school year. So yesterday was the day we could use the 'Get Out of Class Early' pass, which allowed us to get to lunch 2 minutes early to avoid the horrendous lines. But I also realized that today was (supposedly) the last day I could use my front of the line pass! So I got into the FOTLP area for the Taco Line (it has way better food than the normal line) and handed it to the person there.


Let me clear something up. It says on the bottom of the pass, "Good December 11-15". But UNDERNEATH A STAMP, it says 'Tuesday Only'.


So they rejected me. And I had to get into the, by now, way backed up normal line and i had only 3 minutes to eat.

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