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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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According to RCDB, a park in China is building a Vekoma Sting Ray, their new flyer design. I saw some images of it at IAAPA, and it was the only thing that caught my eye at Vekoma's booth and made me say "wow, that looks awesome." It's nice to see one getting built. Hopefully one will come to the states before long.

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^^ Two very interesting questions...


Anyways... last week I got surgery on my mouth. They took out four baby teeth, and today they're finally taking off the stupid bandage! It has been so hard to eat and drink with this putty-like substance stuck on my mouth for a week. But, for another week, I'm not allowed to eat fruit, drink fruit juices, hot drinks, etc. basically anything acidic... and it sucks. But only because the things I'm not allowed to eat are things that I enjoy eating... also, I think I might have failed Algebra 2. I guess my constant be-otching about it didn't pay off. Oh well! XMAS IS 4 DAYS AWAY!


And that... is my random thought of the day.

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Everybody at my school is a freaking liar.


To me, a liar is somebody that lies. Period. That could mean cutting in line, screaming to the world that they'll beat the crap out of somebody if they look at them again, etc.


Which is why I was one of the first classes to lunch, but the fudging P.E. classes always just cut into the line, and I didn't have nearly enough time to eat because it was a minimum day today. So I got out of line and bought a bag of pretzels. Yummy.

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