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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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At my dad's house, we recently moved into a different home, and when my little sister was three (she's four now) she started saying things like, "Mommy, do we play with Satan?" and also, "There's a dead guy in our house, and he walks around at night." It's really creepy. And what makes it believable or that she's seeing/hearing things, is that my step-mom's religion doesn't believe in ghosts, demons, etc., so my sister thinks they don't exist.

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^ Good idea on China's part. Those cribs will be indestructible, especially if they're painted with lead.


As for me, here it is 12:45am and I'm sitting at the computer posting nonsense. I'm not bored or anything...



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Dear Jesus: My holiday was a disaster. I feel like I’ve let you down. I had such big plans for my time off. I was going to catch up on my email, maybe write a book. Instead I ate 42 pounds of chips, watched Season 3 of Lost on DVD, and played Farm Hustle.

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^Must say that's a great avatar. Did you draw it?


^^I hope to get a degree in meteorology a few years down the road (OK, like 5 or 6 from now), so any type of activity like this always gets me excited. Especially 'cause it's forecast to hit us early tomorrow morning!


Now, what I really came in here to post... just wanted to wish a most happy birthday to our resident German Pavillion expert, Soren (Hattuchili).

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