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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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^^ In-N-Out is good stuff. The only change I would make is for their patties to have more meat. But it is a good product.


I'm taking a shower in a few minutes. That way I'll be nice and clean for my nice, clean sheets.



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I love the Christmas season...

Maybe it's just that warm feeling you get when you sit by the fire, waiting for rain to bring you out of an extreme drought,

or maybe it's because I get to be with family I don't normally see...

Or maybe it's because my mom made a crockpot mac 'n cheese yesterday.


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I think I broke my pinkey finger.


Tis the season to injure yourself.


I sprained my ankle trying to climb a snow bank. Was right before my open bar work Christmas party, but after the pre-party. So I was only half gone by that point.


Alcohol, the cause of,and solution to, of all life's problems.


Just a bit of swelling.

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Mixing a Diet Coke with Lime and a Cherry Coke Zero makes a good drink. Or doing the same with a Cherry Coke Zero and a Vanilla Coke Zero. Or a Diet Coke with Lime and a Vanilla Coke Zero.


Well, for those of us who can't drink, anyway.



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