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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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^ Heh, reminds me of a time my friend dared me to eat a packet of artificial sweetener right out of the packet. It tasted sweet at first, but then a tidal wave of bitterness swept over me. Take my advice: Don't do it.


If anybody has an XFire account, request to be on my list! All the people on mine haven't been on in a few months.

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^ It depends on what kind of sweetener it was. SweetNLow (in the pink pack) is bitter; Equal (in the blue pack) isn't too bad, and Splenda (in the yellow pack) is the closest to sugar and is what I usually use.


Sometimes in restaurants, even if they use pink or blue, you can ask for yellow (the Splenda) and they'll have it. They don't put it out because it's expensive, but they keep yellow on hand because some people can't use the other kinds. [/end artificial sweetener lecture]



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