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The Off-Season Survival Thread

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For most of us, the end of October marks the end of the Theme Park season. So, how do you spend those cold months without coasters or theme parks?


What other hobbies do you have that help manage the withdraw? Post about them here!

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I usually find myself getting back into RCT2/No Limits. I also have my PS3 to keep my mind off of things (Black Ops and a bunch of upcoming new releases), focus on my yo-yoing I recently got back into doing (Currently working on a trick called the "Zipper" which is a reference to the carnival ride and one called "Roller Coaster), and just read the boards to see what's going on elsewhere. 5 months seems like a long time but I'm sure it will be over with rather soon...January-February seem to drag though.

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Where I live, I don't have to deal with the off-season. Unfortunately, I have to deal with something else...school. With the exception of my family's annual trip to Knott's for Veteran's Day (which is tomorrow this year ) a park over winter break, and WCB, I really don't spend much time at parks between September and April. More often than not, I choose to do something else in the winter anyway. I can visit a park any time of the year, but I can only go skiing in the winter, so that is what I do instead. During the typical off-season, my days skiing is usually at least twice the number of days I spend in parks, and is sometimes as high as three to four times that amount. Example: during last year's off-season, I spent five days at actual amusement parks (two visits each to Knott's and SFMM, plus one to the Disneyland Resort). During that same time, I spent at least ten-twelve days skiing.


I also do all the typical enthusiast stuff (play RCT, watch TPR videos, track new rides, plan trips, etc.).

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--Research, discuss, and daydream about coasters and parks

--Consider potential off-season trips (not likely this off-season)

--Consider and plan next year's trips



--I don't have any particular hobbies I take up in the off-season. Since I don't spend all of my park season at parks, my life is largely the same year-round with a few additions and subtractions at various times.

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I usually switch my focus to college basketball. It coincides nicely with amusement parks' off-season. Usually I'm a ghost on the coaster boards between December and April.

Also, this off-season I'm trying to lose a crap load of weight so I'll never be denied a coaster ride again (or moved to the seats for guests of "exceptional size"). I had too many close calls and walks of shame this past summer. Once I get down to 225-230 I think I'll finally make a trip to Cedar Point in 2011.

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This offseason I planned on saving money, but with that extra week of vacation they are giving us I must say I am searching for places to go. Silver Dollar City and SFoT both stay open until the end of Dec first of Jan respectively, so within a 3.5 hour drive of my location I can get my fix if need be. And it will be needed. So, I'll go somewhere warm in Feb which is our snow season, other than that, work on my various projects, not to mention work work. Sadly, one of three projects seems to have died, even more sad, I really loved the plans for it, unfortunately, the economic outlook for the particular area of this project is grim at best and the risk is to great for the developer to move forward at this time, oh well.


Speaking of West Coast Bash, when are the dates usually announced?

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I drive 6 hours south and hit up Southern California parks... However for the most part I don't really visit Northern California parks... Working at SFDK for 7 years left a bad taste in my mouth and I just don't make it to CGA and SCBB as often as I'de like. Sadly this year I only made it to SCBB and CGA once (in may) and then didn't visit a park again until I went to DLR in October. 2010 has been a rough year. Haha.


But my big distraction from off season blues is movies. I watch a ton of em. Love everything about going to the theaters (cept the price) and love watching them on Blu-ray at home.

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