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  1. sigh. i used to go to canobie lake park EVERY YEAR with my sleepaway camp in wolfeboro, new hampshire. i always hated this place because all i wanted was a good coaster! canobie corkscrew and yankee cannonball, though historic, SUCK. too bad this past summer was my last summer (my last time there for awhile).
  2. i'm positive you started in valencia (obviously). then you went to japan. now your in the UAE. the homosexuals are gay post was lol funny.
  3. I live in new york so I go to at least one park in the south during the off season. Either universal or bgt. But u can always find me at SFGadv opening day
  4. its like a combination of sheikra and oblivion. the best of both worlds!
  5. I've been on I guess the top three Intamin rockets in America (KK, TTD, and SR) and I rank their launches as follows: 1. SR- It's not really the intensity. The intensity is there but it is more evident in the others. What gets you is that voice. It freaks me out every time. 2. KK- Fast but shaky. Also, it is very noticeable that at the end of the launch it dies down A LOT and like someone else sed its really like a gradual growth while SR is right from the start. 3. TTD- Bleh
  6. BGT-feb (4 coasters) Adventureland-april (2 coasters) SFGadv-april (8 coasters) canobie lake-july (2 coasters) Santa cruz boardwalk-august (2 coasters) pacific park-august (1 coaster) SFMM-august (8 coasters) Cedar point-october (8 coasters)
  7. omg! ive been on SFGadv's and SFMM's and sat in the back row and it happened on both!
  8. deja vu by far. or rock n' roller coaster at disneyworld
  9. airtime: 1. el toro 2. boulder dash 3. magnum (yes, i loved it in 2010) 4. maverick High gs: 1. superman uf SFGadv 2. Montu back row (specifically the climb to the mcbr) 3. kingda ka/ttd launch (the feel the same to me) 4. batman (1st loop into zero-g or 2nd flatspin) but, the scariest moment on a ride IMO is the climb up the first spike on deja vu
  10. montu, raptor, SFGadv batman, kraken, superman SFGadv, hulk all up there
  11. ughhh this makes me so angry. i was there back in august. superman was closed and ugh i wish i could go again this summer
  12. looks like a combination of maverick and piraten but the thrilling parts are taken out. its a let down for me.
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